Life is Feudal: Top seller

Interesting item if you look at the top sellers on Steam right now; Life is Feudal: Your Own. For those not up to speed here, LiF:YO (great acronym btw) is basically a demo of LiF. I don’t know all of the details, but the major difference is rather than allowing you to play on a big MMO server, LiF:YO is a self-hosted, smaller-scale ‘sample’ of the game. So basically, for $40 you are paying to help fund the rest of LiF, and THAT’S the top seller on the biggest digital platform in gaming right now. Not bad, and the game is one to keep an eye on IMO.

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9 Responses to Life is Feudal: Top seller

  1. Frosth says:

    Been watching this game for the past couple years. I was very happy to get a chance to try it out.

    So far, I’ve logged 47 hours and I have already goten my money out of the game.
    This is early alpha but what is there is generaly “works”

    The game crashes often, so do the servers. There was also a bug introduced with the steam release making smelting nearly imposible. So we’re stuck at the stone age now.

    Despite all that, it is interesting and fun. If you can tolerate crashes every 2-4hours and clunkiness, the game is worth it.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea not hyped enough for it to go through all of that, but clearly plenty of others are.

      How is the combat? Is it as clunky as it seems in videos, or is it not terrible?

  2. Polynices says:

    Imagine if MMOs in general sold a single player version that you hosted yourself. I’m thinking they might be more popular than actually playing online with others.

  3. Frosth says:

    It is clunky, but workable.

    Hit registration is a bit broken at the moment, and we’re all stuck with primitive tools, but it seems like a decent “port” of Mount n Blade combat system without directional blocking(just forward). The basics are there, you can see and feel it ,all it needs is tweaking and some sugar candy.

    There is also a combo system where if you manage several succesful hits in various pre set direction, you can do a finisher.
    Haven’t tried that yet due to no weapons, but it coudl turn out interesting. Nice tradeoff between predictability and damage, hopefuly.

    They also have a great choice of weapons, 53 so far.
    Again, no experience yet with this, but could be interesting as well.

    The formation system is promising and will probably be a good selling point once it gets fleshed out more. We tried it, and it is fun to charge with the wedge formation.

    Nothing about guilds or siege is implemented, so no comment on that, but the alignement system is solid and purposeful. You can be a bandit, but you take great risks du to skill loss on death proportional to alignement. You can regain alignement only 0.5-1 point per real life days and it goes from -5000 to +5000.

    The buildings are quite big and well scaled to your character. I’m sure some players will do greate arenas, and sieges will be quite nice with player made defenses.

    • Frosth says:

      Just a clarification: Combat system isn’t working now.
      The hitboxes are just completely disconnected, but if fixed, the system will be good.

      Do not go in this game now expecting PvP.

  4. Trego says:

    Alignment from -5000 to +5000, skill loss on death proportional to alignment. So if you’re really good-aligned , you gain skills for dying, and if you’re really evil, you lose skills for dying–or vice versa? :)

    • Frosth says:

      Well, when you die, you lose a minimum of 1 skill point, and that’s when you’re at 50+ alignment, then the lower you go, the more you lose up to just wiping your character clean.

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