Steam sales and wallet votes

Quick item: After watching Werit’s video about Endless Legend, the game has moved up from “might buy” to “kinda want it now!” status. But realistically I just don’t have the game time for it right now due to RL, ArcheAge, and the occasional LoL game, which makes it a perfect “wait for the Xmas Steam sale” candidate.

But is waiting for a Steam sale diminish the ‘wallet vote’ aspect of buying a game? It must, but by how much, and at what point is the amount enough to stop the future production of games we want made?

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9 Responses to Steam sales and wallet votes

  1. Facepalm says:

    Have you tried Endless Space and/or Dungeon of the Endless? Same developer, polished with crisp UI.

    • SynCaine says:

      Have not, no. Solid games?

      • Facepalm says:

        For the most part. ES have some great 4x elements, but combat is a bit…interesting. DotE is a Roguelike that’s entertaining.
        I’ve always loved the clean UI and space setting. Endless Legend looks like an evolution of both previous titles…just fantasy based.

        Segway back to your original topic…I’d add the two previous games to your wish list, great sale opportunities and still support the developers with your wallet on old titles.

  2. weritsblog says:

    Of course, Beyond Earth comes out pretty soon. That might trump Endless Legend.

  3. SynCaine says:

    Well caved and purchased the game. Way to hold out self…

  4. Jenks says:

    This went to the top of my wishlist after RPS covered it. I’m not the biggest 4x fan but this sounds really different in ways that make me want it a lot… plus Lizardmen (Draconians are close enough).

  5. maljjin says:

    Game is on my watch list, specially since I watched a couple of playthrough videos from Arumba (channel with the same name on Youtube). I haven’t bought it yet for two reasons : lots of incoming stategy game time upcoming with Beyond Earth and the EUIV expansion and I kinda made a pact with myself about finishing at least one game from my Steam backlog before buying new things.

    I’ll have to agree though, waiting for a Steam sale is probably not the right way to vote with your wallet.

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