AA: Is ‘Trion being Trion’ going to be a daily thing?

Little behind the scenes blogging info here; sometimes you create a category thinking you are going to post about that topic enough to warrant one. Sometimes you create one as more of a joke, thinking this won’t last. ‘Trion being Trion’ was very much in that spirit; just a little ribbing over a pretty horrible launch of an otherwise great game. I certainly never expected it to become a genre staple like, say, SOE being SOE, which year after year continues to deliver.

It’s starting to look like ‘Trion being Trion’ might become a permanent fixture though. Today in “How not to run your MMO” we have Trion being unable to give paying players a 10% discount in the cash shop. Trion’s response? “It’s not us, its XLGames”. Broken record city, and we aren’t even a month in.

At least it’s Friday, so Trion can’t screw something up over the weekend and our next ‘Trion being Trion’ update won’t happen until Monday… right?

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2 Responses to AA: Is ‘Trion being Trion’ going to be a daily thing?

  1. qyte says:

    You missed October 8 already syn. So it is not a recurring everyday theme.

  2. silvertemplar says:

    Heh, unless you are playing Tahyang Server, you will be writing about “Triion being Trion” about now. Incidentally this is when servers seems to be crashing and services going down for lengthy periods, i’m seriously wondering how much Trion is actually doing on weekends….

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