CoC: Things you learn from a tie

If you have been keeping up with our clan war update posts, (and who wouldn’t be following the statistical breakdown for a game they may not be playing or a clan they aren’t in!), you noticed that our last war resulted in a tie, a first for our clan. The tie highlights a few pretty critical design highlights about the game, and also serves as amazing motivation for everyone to progress and also improve.

I think the most important design highlight is that unlike many team-based games, in CoC success isn’t based on the weakness of our lowest player, but instead on the cumulative strength of our whole clan.

A weak player in CoC might not earn a single star, and give up 3 on the first attack against their base. That’s not good, but it doesn’t “wipe the raid” to compare things to another popular team-based activity. In the war we tied, all based outside the top 15 were 3-starred, so one weak player isn’t a huge issue. Now, they do matter, because a tougher base might have required more than one attack, which in turn means fewer attempts at other bases. Just like had they scored a solid attack, it would have freed up someone else to hit a different base. But the important thing is that at the end of the war, you can’t look at any one weaker player and really say “we lost because of person X”, like you can should someone wander into the whelp pit or fail to run away from the raid while being the bomb.

On the other hand, there were a lot of opportunities for hero plays. As the war was winding down, each attack was a nail-bitter in terms of the attacker being able to pull things off. A lot of times its someone hitting a really tough base, so failing is the expected result, and success is an awesome surprise. The same applies to base design; not giving up three stars against an attack that perhaps should 3-star you is an awesome feeling, while failing to do so might inspire some base design tweaks or a total overhaul.

The tie also highlights the depth of the game. In a blowout war (our current for example, where we knew we were going to win after the first dozen or so attacks), if you fail to 3-star someone you should, or your base isn’t as great as it could be, you might not notice because we won anyway. There isn’t that pressure, that motivation to improve. The same applies in a blowout loss; bases being crushed by overwhelming force isn’t teaching you much, nor is throwing troops into a meatgrinder of a base.

A close war shows that depth, and CoC has depth in spades. I think just from this war we had a lot of people notice the little details of really pulling off a great dragon attack vs just a decent one, or the difference between using three lighting vs heal/rage depending on the base layout. Our top-end guys saw the importance of securing down at least two stars, and how critical that might be. On the lower end I hope people were motivated to progress to at least these levels, where the game really opens up (though I would argue a TH6 attacking a good TH6 base is very interesting in terms of tactics and strategy).

What I’m most excited about is when our clan overall ‘grows up’ and wars focus more on TH9+ bases, as things then switch from trying to 3-star bases to pulling off 2-star attacks, and tactics expand from “probably dragons” to include golems, pekkas, hogs, loons, witches, etc, and army composition starts to really matter vs “all dragons, go!” Just watching some war review videos from clans made up mostly of TH9 and TH10 bases has me very excited for our future.


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  1. Jonneh says:

    I look forward to that as well. I am still enjoying my dragon raids as I tend to spend some time looking for best directions to attack, how to funnel and what CC to use. I don’t just dump them and hope for the best. There is a big margin for error though.

    Unfortunately I think it is still a couple of months away for me. Things are really starting to cost a lot and I have just reached the point of not being able to constantly have all builders and research going.

    I am happy to see the upcoming changes with wall upgrades from elixir being pushed back to level 9. I know a lot don’t like it, but I miss having plenty of elixir so I didn’t have to barch constantly as well as be able to donate more than the token 5 archers which we pretty much all do now. Also them dragon raids are really costly (over 400k including spells).

    While it will slow down progression I think it will let a fun aspect of the game return again.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea a dragon attack vs a good TH8 in a war puts you at about break even for elixir if we win, plus the gold and DE reward. Barching either abandoned or terrible bases seems to be the best way to get lots of elixir, though as you said with the wall upgrade change, things will improve on that end.

      You are dead-on with the dragon strat stuff; at TH7 it was just dump and watch, but at the upper levels of TH8, placement is critical and when not done well, results in 1-2 stars instead of 3.

  2. Ellroy says:

    Just to let you know: I cannot participate in the war because unfortunately our internet connection has been down since saturday. Hopefully it will be fixed by a service provider’s technician tomorrow…

  3. Delpez says:

    The clan we drew against (sixlines) have a website where they post highlights of their wars. Unfortunately it’s in Portuguese, so I don’t understand heads or tails of it, but they have video clip featuring some of the war attacks against us. Address is

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