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Hex+Hearthstone: What should have been

Having just wrapped up an arena winning 7 games, my main thought for the last 3-4 games was “make it end”. I kept playing just because, but yea, not really fun. Mage deck that happened to pull 4 flamestrikes, zzzz … Continue reading

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Hearthstone: Wake up, roll dice, return to nap

If you’re like most people, well actually if you are like most people you aren’t playing Hearthstone. But if you are among the select few who found the game way, way down in the app store somehow, I’m sure by … Continue reading

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LoL – The future is here, and everyone is watching

As mentioned before, I greatly enjoyed watching much of the League of Legends world championship, taking in about two dozen or so matches (though all on replay due to the time zone differences), including watching the final matches on the … Continue reading

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The Settlers 2 – Lessons from the past

I’ve been playing The Settlers 2: Tenth Anniversary edition (via a good bit lately, and it’s been a nice reminder to what gaming was ‘back in the day’, mostly in a good way. I won’t explain the basics of … Continue reading

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CoC: Supreme Cream! vs Kaskus Cavalry 11/30/2014

(Stats and writeup provided by Delpez) Supreme Cream! vs Kaskus Cavalry Supreme Cream Enemy Average TH Level 7.71 7.78 Score 126 122 Total Attacks Used 82 77 Total 3 Star Attacks 39 37 Total 3 Star % 47.56 48.1 3 … Continue reading

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Reader vote: Wasteland 2 or Divinity?

Both are on sale right now for $26. If you could only pick one, which would it be? (I’m going to own both at some point, but which one should I grab first to fill time until after Xmas?)

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