CoC: State of the Cream update

Outside of the war updates from Delpez, I want to write a bit about CoC in general, the clan specifically, and related items, so here goes.

As for CoC itself, I’m still very actively playing the game, and believe it’s easily not just the very best mobile game out by a mile, but one of the best games out period across all of gaming. From its learning/progression curve (quick and simple start, long to ‘max out’ and master) its pro-social design (no weak links, helping others helps you), the ‘F2P done right’ business model (Pay-2-Skip rather than Pay-4-Power, while at the same time being the most successful mobile game year after year), and the solid and active support the game receives (no ‘time to give us more money’ cash grab updates, no massive shifts in power, no horribly imbalanced changes, new stuff like units or buildings/traps that expand the game rather than shift it, appropriate and not obnoxious holiday stuff), it’s just an all-around amazing product well worth anyone’s times.

My clan, “Supreme Cream!”, is also doing extremely well. We are constantly floating between a full 50 man roster and 45+ members (so feel free to apply and we will get you in, either right away or when a spot opens up), we generally do well in wars, and the social aspect of chat and people helping out is very solid.

I’m at a bit of an impasse however with what I want to do with the clan, as it relates to clan wars. For a while now our trend has been that we win most of our wars, but when we run up against a solid, no-derps clan, we generally lose, and I don’t like losing.

This reminds me of early WoW raiding. Our guild started off as a more casual guild, but as we got more and more into raiding, we had to decide if we were fine with not really progressing, or if we were going to make the changes to allow us to keep moving forward. I feel like that’s where the CoC clan is at right now; do I make changes to get us into shape to compete with everyone, or do I keep it very casual and accept defeat from top-shelf clans?

As Delpez tracks war activity, the first change I made is that members must perform 8 attacks in 5 wars, basically allowing someone to miss one and still count as active. The side-note to that is anyone who lets us know they will not be around for RL reasons won’t have that war count against them.

The tricky thing with managing this clan is that everyone in it is a blog reader or friend of a reader, so I feel bad booting people because they are ‘my people’ in a way. On the other hand, like with any game, for any number of reasons people do move on, and they don’t necessarily leave a guild when they do, so the occasional roster ‘clean up’ is needed.

I believe this is important however as winning or progressing is important to keep active members happy. To go back to WoW, if our guild hadn’t made the needed changes to keep progressing, our more motivated members would have left and found another guild, and to be honest I’d rather keep someone like that happy at the expense of a semi-inactive or unmotivated person than vice versa. But as always identifying where that fine line between ‘active’ guild/clan management and being too hardcore lies is tricky, and a big mistake in one direction or another can ruin a good thing.



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  1. Polynices says:

    They desperately need an inactive status so people can stay in the clan while playing less or taking a vacation or whatever.

  2. McCaspar says:

    Maybe split into two clans? A hardcore often warring clan and a relaxed casual vacation-is-allowed clan.

    • SynCaine says:

      Who would run the casual clan? Both my accounts would be in the active one. Plus would people really enjoy being in the ‘lesser’ clan?

  3. Jonneh says:

    Against the no derp clans I feel there is much more passive pressure put on our mid level bases than you would expect as the lower levels usually can’t compete and the top guys need to deal with the top, so they need to clean up their own level and those below. I think this pushes me to overshoot a little and attack targets that I am not 100% sure of starting a cascade. I’ll work on that.

    I die a little inside when I see people trying to barch a TH7 though and loosing 20 giants to a fucking valk/wiz combo 20 seconds in. This isn’t something you can fix with a “hey man, you deployed your dragons wrong, maybe next time come in from the right hand side where you can see the heavy HP buildings are behind the AA” it’s a “hey man, don’t ever bring a knife to fun fight ever again”

    Completely off-topic but I just saw the first post you made about CoC was 21st Jan. How many games have you ever played that had you actively playing for a year?

    • Jonneh says:

      gun fight*, although it still makes sense in a weird way

    • Delpez says:

      Couldn’t agree more regarding the overshooting bit. In this last war we left 19 stars behind from their levels 50-25! I know many of those bases were quite advanced, but none of them were maxed TH8’s. I saw a number of attacks on maxed TH8 bases with 1 star, yet a base like #27 end the war with 1 star only.

      I myself feel some pressure to attack bases within my range – I actually felt bad about my first attack (against #24), because it was too far below my position in the war log. In retrospect, my second attack should’ve been against #27, but I felt someone else was sure to 3-star him and I should be taking higher bases. Problem is, everybody feels that way and we left a ton of easier stars on the table.

      Having said all that, the game progresses all the time and we’re learning as we go along. From TH7 to TH8 required a big shift in mentality, since suddenly you had to think a bit about dragon attacks. The same kinda shift is happening now towards the end of TH8 – we can’t just take any TH8 with dragons, and have to learn which bases can be 3-starred with confidence.

  4. Anonymous says:

    About the 8 attacks rule. Some of the lower bases have nothing that they can successfully attack, even for one star. The last war was an example of this.

    • SynCaine says:

      I think even a TH6 can get at least one star (loot) vs a TH7, especially with clan troops. And if that’s not the case, a simple one barb ‘attack’ can be used at the end of the war just to get credit if absolutely no option exists to get a star.

      • Anonymous says:

        But such attacks provide actually nothing to the war. They require a member to re-tool his army (takes time), and ask for clan troops (another wasted resource) to stage a one start attack on a base that will be (or already is) 3 starred by somebody else. And to satisfy the clan requirement this has to be done twice.
        The rule should be ‘observe each war, if needed you have to be available’ or something similar.

        • SynCaine says:

          At TH6 or lower, training an army isn’t a big deal since everything is still cheap/quick, while war loot is still significant (especially if there is a higher enemy who is easy to hit for loot, which itself is a good practice to get into identifying).

          Plus, how could we track who observes a war? Already keeping track of attacks is extra time invested.

  5. Mal says:

    What you’re saying is that our clan is some sort of hardcore casual clan.



  6. sleepysam says:

    Here’s a vote for a bit of a push to make us more competitive. Even if that only means making sure we get our attacks in and no one is BARCHing.

  7. Dotcalm says:

    I’m having a similar crisis with regards to my FFXIV raid team. We’re having fun, but we’re also not executing particularly well. I’d like to tighten things up, but I’m also afraid of losing what makes the whole thing fun for me.

    As to CoC. My main concern is that the two things that would most improve our clan also discriminate against new people. And since we get a bunch of those (from the blog) that’s a problem.

    Anyway, I guess my question is if we feel we’ve tapped out the “new to CoC” market for members. If so, then sure. Step up expectations/requirements.

    But if we’re still getting new readers, I’d prefer to lose the occassional war than to have to say “thanks for picking up the game because Syn loves it, but you need to spend $$$ and time before you can play with us”. Which kind of sucks.

    Me, I like being in a solid and supportive group that sometimes loses but is getting better. But I’m not against trying harder if decide to go that route.

    • SynCaine says:

      Well I don’t see us setting “Must be maxed TH7” or “No rushed bases allowed” rules. Sure those would go a long way in wars, but I think we can become a very strong clan without them; people can catch up or ‘fix’ rush bases, and I don’t mind waiting for that to happen.

      Right now the main concern is people who go inactive, I think if we get a handle on that, we will at least have a much better chance in all wars.

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