Storybricks closes with a fantastically trolly mic drop

Per MassivelyOP:

[The] majority of the work we have done is about EverQuest Next and is co-owned by Daybreak,” the letter said. “We look forward to the release of EQN.”.

If that one bolded line is all the MMO genre gets from Storybricks, I think we can all agree it was worth it. Well played.

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5 Responses to Storybricks closes with a fantastically trolly mic drop

  1. If only they had dropped the mic at that point and not gone on with the whole pipe dream of Storybricks buying SOE from Sony and the 38 Studios assets to create the perfect miracle MMO.

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea that part made zero sense. So you had enough money to buy SOE, but now you don’t have enough money/value to even keep your own doors open?

      Although, that does suggest SOE was likely valued around $5 ($4 for EQ IP, $1 for everything else?), and I guess someone at Storybricks went out to lunch one final time instead of buying SOE. Can’t really say I blame them.

      • I am sure they had some very 80s, Gordon Gecko leveraged buyout scheme where they would sign the deal and then slash costs, sell assets, and milk what was left harder than a starving Somali. Sony probably had to remind them that they were around in the 80s and could already see how badly that was going to work out. Sony wants money from the sale. If they wanted to simply kill SOE, as such a deal likely would, they could just pull the plug themselves.

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