CoC and DB get big updates

Lot of big updates in the mobile gaming world that myself and many blog readers are part of, so lets talk about them!

First, did I know Damian Schubert works on Dungeon Boss? He’s the hotbar salesmen from SW:TOR right? It kinda makes sense actually; Dungeon Boss is a good mobile title, but its business model is not only Pay-4-Power, but also has a lot of ‘that makes zero sense’ built into it. I bet Damian did all of that work, and others did all the work that is actually good.

Moving on, a big update has hit DB that added Guilds (again, I’m guessing the fact you have to pay 500 gems to create one is Damian Shubert’s touch). If you are playing and want to join up, the name is Inquisition. The update also added a new dungeon where you fight up a tower, with damage and energy from each battle carrying over, but you can switch heroes after every battle. I’ve only done a few levels, but I do like that this will encourage leveling up more than just four heroes, especially because there are a lot of cool and interesting heroes in the game. Finally there is an Evo combination system, but the hotbar saleman basically ruined that by adding a gem cost for the stuff that is actually hard to get. Nice work buddy.

Clash of Clans also had a huge update, most notably adding Town Hall 11 to the game. No one in our clan is THAT close to moving up to TH11 (I’m near-max TH9, so likely won’t see TH11 for a good number of months if not a year), but since our clan is level 5+, the new troop levels at TH11 will come into play for us during wars from donations. In particular, I’m curious to see how strong level 3 witches are going to be. Plus there will be the ‘fun’ of being matched up with a clan that has a TH11, that should be really interesting.

Speaking of donation, you can now also donate one dark elixir spell, which is a HUGE power boost, as this means you can now take out two air defenses with lighting/quake. I expect a lot of air-focused attacks in wars at the TH9 level because of this. I also wonder if using 8 quakes to take out two large sections of walls with a GoWiPe attack is going to be a thing.

Between those updates and the somewhat recent Boom Beach update that added HQ21, things are busy and a lot of fun in mobile land. Our CoC… clan is full, but feel free to apply to our Boom Beach task force (Hardcore Casual) or the Dungeon Boss guild (Inquisition).

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14 Responses to CoC and DB get big updates

  1. Ralex says:

    Sin, The Boom Beach TF is “Hardcore Casual”.

  2. Polynices says:

    Ugh, I didn’t realize that making a guild costs that much. The prices on stuff in Dungeon Boss seem out of whack. There’s a few things that cost $3 or $5 which is totally reasonable for a good game but then a bunch of $40 or $50 or $100(!!) items that I’m depressed to think anyone buys.

    Total investment to get to level 59: $8 (and I could have skipped that, tbh). Worth it!

    • SynCaine says:

      Yea in addition to the terrible bundles that spam you on occasion (daily…), they are also a horrible waste of money compared to buying other things to get the same result at a smaller cost, which is just ‘dumb design 101’ stuff. Like why would you pay a silly amount of money for a few hero tokens when you can spend half that amount and do the gem portal bundle and get 10x the hero tokens, very likely including MORE of the specific hero token the other deal is offering.

      DB is good enough in terms of gameplay and progression to not have to resort to bottom-of-the-barrel cash shop garbage like this, yet it still does it. Again, I put 100% of the blame on the hotbar saleman, someone give that guy the boot already.

  3. Polynices says:

    Interesting. Searching guilds by name for “Inquisition” doesn’t show anything. I wonder if it takes a while for new guilds to populate the list or something.

    I may have done it before, but a huge thanks to SynCaine for pointing out really excellent mobile games.

  4. Mikrakov says:

    I tried the take out 2 air defense thing for my 2nd attack this war and it was a big failure. I think it has potential though, I just derped the attack.

    • Delpez says:

      I’m also underwhelmed by this tactic, although I might need some guidance from the pros. Problem is you end up with fewer hounds and therefore less pups (could bring some minions I suppose). However, I think the loss of rage spells is even more significant. Not only do they assist with taking down the ADs, but also in powering through the heavily defended middle of the base. I’m sure there will be bases where this tactic will work, but I don’t think it will be overpowered.

      • SynCaine says:

        I think a good modification would be to use a few drags instead of some loons. Since two of the air def are down, you aren’t in as big a rush to get through the base, and the drags can help tank for the loons against thinks like tesla and wiz towers. It does depend on the base, but I’m thinking two hounds (drop each when the air def starts to shoot), 4-5 dragons, rest loons used more surgically might be effective?

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