EVE: SynCaine is back among the stars

I’ve resubbed my main account in EVE Online. Yup. A few reasons for this.

One being that I don’t see another MMO coming anytime soon that will take up my time. Crowfall alpha is happening, and I do fire that up occasionally, but its not close to launch and what the alpha is right now (mostly combat balance testing) I just can’t play for very long. I’m still subbed to FFXIV, and play that occasionally, but there is only so much themepark I can consume without the itch for more out of an MMO kicking up.

Second is that one must reward CCP, and CCP Falcon in particular, for doing his job and making at least one tinfoil-hat wearing village lunatic rage-quit. I’ve often talked about wallet-voting, and this is one action I can fully support from a pure entertainment standpoint.

Third, if Wilhelm over at TAGN can jump into Goon fleets and have a good time, then damnit, that’s going to happen here as well. My hesitation for returning on my main to EVE has always been that the time required to run a corp is just not something I have right now, but playing EVE as a member of a random corp isn’t what I’d want. But given an active war, a return to ‘true Goon form’, and a few other factors? I’m good with that.

Fourth, the game has simply received far too many solid updates to not return to publicly blogging about it again, and to continue gaining skill points on my main pilot. Blogging about the random game is still something that is going to continue here, as will the SuperCell mobile gaming goodness, but ultimately this is mostly an MMO blog, and this should return us back towards that focus.

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Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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5 Responses to EVE: SynCaine is back among the stars

  1. I see by zKillboard that you got into KarmaFleet okay… and then found out that GSF has more than a few high sec war decs. Get to Saranen, get hooked up with Jabber, watch for a fleet ping, buy a doctrine ship off contract, go shoot people.

  2. Polynices says:

    Excellent decision. Reading about other people playing EVE gives me all of the fun, none of the hassle. ;)

  3. Sleepysam says:

    +1 poly

  4. Rynnik says:

    I am also recently resubbed to EVE. Nice move! Looking foward to posts about it and maybe, just maybe, chance will conspire to let me shoot you in the face somewhere in space. ;-)

    Also passive damage controls get me hot under the collar…

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