EVE: The first step towards victory?

Last night on Jabber an interesting ping went out, in which it was announced that we (Goons) had just taken Pandemic Legion’s capital system without a fight, as PL and friends were off shooting at a citadel or something. The funny part was that I was in a Harpy fleet just an hour before in and around that system guarding gates and doing other ‘we don’t know what we are doing but the FC says to keep flying so we keep flying and shooting’. I enjoy those fleets because while we still see action, it’s a more relaxed way to shoot the shit with Goons on comms than when we form up for large “serious business” brawls.

We will see if this is the true start of Goons reclaiming parts of null, or yet another example of a skirmish that fizzles when the MBC horde comes rolling back. Lenny from IWI has turned his massive, game-changing ISK faucet off, so the funding that was driving MBC against us has stopped. Will enough of MBC show up to stop us now that they aren’t being paid? Or will we see a failcascade hit like so many prior entities in EVE’s long history?

Either way, Goon spirits are very high, and we flash-formed 200+ people in minutes last night. It’s funny that some still cling to the narrative of Goon’s being ‘dead’, because unless your definition of winning the war was taking all of Goon space for a short period of time (a valid if limited win condition), the war hasn’t been won. Far from it really. And as history has shown and will very likely continue to show, you can’t beat Goons, because Goons simply refuse to be beaten. And whether it takes a long time or not, eventually the Goon grinder beats down the other side, and we ‘win’.

Was last night the first step towards that win? Maybe. Will the win eventually come? History says yes.


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  1. Is the plan of weaponized boredom working? We’ve been on the losing end of every fleet op every night I have been on for two weeks, yet PL is the one running out of steam. They couldn’t jump to 93PI to shoo hackers away.

    • SynCaine says:

      Strange, I’d say more than half the fleets I’ve been in have been a success, either in objective where not much shooting happens, or because we killed far more than we lost. I don’t think I’ve been on a fleet over to PH systems where we haven’t raked in the kills in fact.

      • The O1Y fleets have been very successful. The daily summary on the forums shows that, but the daily battle in Saranen hasn’t been going our way very often. Even that fleet we were on the other night with Laz leading us was a loss on the ISK front.

        But PH isn’t leaving, while the fleets attempting to camp Saranen have been packing up and going elsewhere.

        • SynCaine says:

          Yea that Laz fleet was my first in a long time where we really had to back out. Usually even if we back down, we take as many as we give (ISK wise, in numbers we generally are on the negative end).

  2. Polynices says:

    This post is some kind of parable about the Brexit vote, right? Everything is a political parable, ain’t it?


  3. Maineiac says:

    This is the time of year that PL retreats to a secret location to practice for the alliance tournament so it’s not surprising they are pulling back. Will be interesting to see how things play out in the future.

    • On the flip side, the Alliance Cheating Tournament is at the end of November and teams can only put a dozen players on the field. Are you suggesting that an event that might need 50 people from the alliance is going to cause PL to be dormant for five months?

      Of course, if you discount capitals, there might only be 50 subcap pilots in PL.

  4. CCP Gevlon says:

    The first Band of Brothers was never completely defeated, either – every time CFC/Imperium went to war, Mittens was keen to remind everyone that “our ancient enemies are once again massing to destroy us and our way of life”.

    Likewise, Band of Bees will continue to be a thorn in the side of CFC.DOT for decades to come.

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