CoC: Season 6 stats

(Work and words by Mikrakov. Also we have a few spots open in our clan, so if you are interested in joining apply and just mention the blog)

Hi Guys, I’ve finally gotten around to getting season 6 int a google spreadsheet, seen here:…sp=sharing

Here’s a quick write-up, can’t say much about TH10, or 7 because we don’t have enough people at these levels.  Note these are the 10 wars from Khawanika to KittenThrash (over which we had a 7-3 record)


People averaging >=2 stars per attack at level

Kobeathris 2.4
Josch2k     2.2
SynCaine   2.1

Jenks         2.1

Mikrakov   2.0

Big congrats to Kobe and Josch, it should be noted that I’m fairly sure their great improvements (they were both 1.7 last season) have coincided with them changing to Valks as their primary attacks.  In fact, Jenks is the only one on this list not doing mostly Valks, as he has found lvl4 Dragons is working for him on the correct bases.

Claud has massive closer stars, but this is primarily die to him being our lowest TH9 and bashing up TH8s each war.

Defensively nothing of particular note, Claud and Ellroy have good bleed stats partly due to them being the lowest TH9s, which means that pepole throw themselves at the base until it is cleaned up, as they almost never get a hold.  Malcolm, Kobe and Sparco on average soaked up 2 attacks per war but usually got cleaned up.  Saate almost always holds on to a star, followed by me and Josch.


People averaging >=2 stars per attack at level

Marvin       2.3
ElviaViux    2.2
Jeury         2.1
MattyC       2.1

Marvin has left us and my alt (ElviaViux) missed out on perfect stats by scouting for my main once, Jeury and MAttyC well done.  Overall our TH8 stats could stand to be a bit better.  People need to revisit the “how to dragon” videos on OneHive again until they unlock a gowipe, hog or valk attack.

Defensively obviously almost no holds, but Jeury and Cathy have quite good bleed stats (1.8).

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