EVE: Rat droppings and bling

Ratting in Delve has left me with plenty of ISK to play with, and I’m still missing about 60 days worth of training to properly fly a carrier. So I’ve instead invested 1.3b ISK into an Incursion ship, and joined that SIG in the Imperium. With the ship (a Barghest) purchased in Jita and shipped out to Delve, its now a matter of waiting for an Incursion to come around to our local neighborhood.

Speaking of ratting going well, a recent Dark Blood spawn dropped a nice little 400m implant for me a few days ago. That, along with getting back to back 10/10 escalations, really pushed my wallet up. And overall Goons are killing it in terms of PvE performance, as Delve is now the number 1 spot for NPC deaths. Guess lots of people missed ratting after The Casino War (and also tells you all you need to know about how important the balance of PvP and PvE is, even an a ‘PvP’ MMO like EVE).

PvP-wise I’ve been in a few fleets recently, mostly just neighborhood cleanup stuff, along with a few trips via wormholes. I think things will pick up with NC/PL going to war with CO2/Test, though only if CO2/Test are dumb enough to continue throwing ships into the meatgrinder. I’m also hopeful we show up to their important fights, and put that whole “MBC will stop and shoot goons” theory to the test. Something tells me that might not be the case.

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  1. I just looked at the fits, and that there is a pricey frying pan. I am just going to fit out another logi and fly around keeping all those bling fits alive. That’ll save me a billion ISK and I’ll be beloved. Logi V for the win.

    • SynCaine says:

      Speaking of space priests, Karma Fleet has a program right now for cheaper-than-build FAXs, so I might train my second account into that. It’s being pushed pretty heavily on the corp and alliance level.

      • In Reaver coms Asher jokes about wanting to get out of Goonwaffe and into KF because they get all the best deals.

        Since I can already fly an Archon, I am pretty close to an Apostle, so I will head there once I finish off a couple other items. My alt is also training that route.

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