Random Friday Rambles 11/4/16

Random Friday ramblings incoming.

Our clan in Clash of Clans (Supreme Cream!) hit level 10 after our last war. This is a rather big deal because now when we donate troops they get increased by two levels rather than one, which is important for us because we don’t have many TH10 players who could donate troops, but now our TH9s can donate and the recipient will get a max-level unit. This will not only help when filling clan castles for wars, but also for normal farming donations. We currently have a few spots open in the clan, so if you are looking to get into the best mobile game out, look us up and mention the blog.

I finished the final campaign mission for the Mercenaries warband in Mordheim. The final mission was really rough, and I failed to complete it on the first attempt. Luckily the loss wasn’t catastrophic in terms of injuries, and after cashing in all of my spare items for gold and doing some final upgrades to my warband, on the second attempt I was successful. There wasn’t a real ending other than some after-mission text, and I can still keep playing the warband against either the computer or other players.

I’m now working on the newly-released Undead warband, which so far has been a lot of fun. A nice change that come to the game along with that DLC was the ability to start a warband at level 5, so with all unit slots unlocked, meaning you can start with the impressive unit and other specialty troops right away. Huge change in terms of enjoyment and the fun of starting up a new warband.

Finally, I’m still getting my footing with carrier ratting. Highest tick I’ve had without a special spawn has been 44m, although I’d say the average is around 35m right now. There is a good amount of nuance to it compared to ratting in a non-carrier, and you can really increase the gains if you focus on it. On the opposite side of that, it’s also nice that since the rats can’t really scratch the carrier, and our area of space is very safe, casually ratting while watching a video or strolling the internet is really easy/safe.

I’m also seriously considering whether I want to push towards a super carrier. With Goons putting up a Keepstar citadel, it would no longer be a space coffin for my main pilot, and it’s always good to have a goal in EVE. The only other venture I have planned right now is to get into industry once the next expansion is out. KarmaFleet (my corp) has plans to put up the new industrial citadels, and I have a good selection of researched blueprints from back when I was running the wormhole corp. If I go that route, I might also train my alt into a Rorqual, since it’s going to be a mining powerhouse, and would be another big ticket item to potentially go after.

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  1. Tahurgrumm says:

    Do you guys take people who don’t really have the time to war? I’m looking for a clan just to hang out in, would your be a good fit?

  2. Sleepysam says:

    Congrats on level 10. Go cream!

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