LoL – Placement result may yield unexpected humor

The 2017 season for LoL has started, which means rank resets. Oddly enough, the new flex queue also got reset, after only being up for a few weeks.

My placement matches for solo/duo were a trip. My first three games were all fairly close and enjoyable, but losses. Then the next two were trolltastic losses, putting me at 0-5. At that point I decided to bust out Teemo, because if I’m going to start low, might as well have fun with it. However at that point the game was matching me with and against far lower players, so even though Teemo top is… Teemo top, I still dominated two out of the three games I played. Ultimately I finished 3-7, putting me in Silver 3. The difference in games between plat 4 and silver 3 is, well it might as well be a different game.

Now the question is; do I keep playing Teemo and practicing other champs as I grind up out of silver, or do I play Malz/Amumu and get myself out asap? I’m very tempted to do the former, especially because the season has just started and I certainly won’t be the only plat+ player down in rank thanks to placement series magic.

I’m also now even more curious to see where Aria and I place in the flex queue. So far we are at one win, one loss, but in that queue I was in gold 2 prior to the reset. Good times either way are ahead.

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