EVE: Incursion running double feature

Quick little EVE update for today. Due to mostly RL factors, I haven’t been able to play as much EVE lately as I’ve wanted. In particular, I haven’t been able to sit down for a 2+ hr chunk of time to do things like bigger fleet ops or run incursions. For the most part I’ve been logging into my industry pilot to update orders, queue up new production, and manage PI. Hell I’ve actually started buying minerals in Delve because I haven’t even ratted enough to reprocess junk and feed my production chain.

Things have settled down a little, and as luck would have it an incursion has spawned one carrier jump away from our home system. I got in a few runs there, but again not as many as I’d have liked. But wouldn’t you know, I think this month CCP has picked Goons to win EVE, and the incursion respawned in the exact same spot, meaning the incursion SIG went right back to printing money. RL having settled down a bit, I’ve managed to stay in a fleet for a decent chunk of time, and the ISK has been flowing nicely.

There is also a rumor that Concord-themed ships are coming to EVE ‘soon’, and will be bought via Concord LP, which is the secondary currency you also get from Incursions. People in the SIG are sitting on massive piles of the stuff (one pilot made 1.8m LP last Incursion, which is next-level grinding), and as Goons are the only major alliance who run null-sec Incursions, that could be a very nice break for us all. But, this being CCP, that ‘coming soon’ could be a ways off. Until then, the grind continues, and I’ll just keep letting my LP stack grow.

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