EVE: CCP is changing how PLEX will work, goodbye Aurum

Changes to how PLEX works in EVE are coming, though no exact date on when this change is going live is given. As with any major change, I expect the PLEX market to be very active between now and whenever this goes live. The proposed changes are good and bad IMO.

The good is that the other secondary currency, Aurum, is going away, meaning one less currency to worry about in EVE when looking to buy something. I also like PLEX becoming a currency rather than one large item, as this will make buying things with that currency easier and more clear, especially for new players.

The bad is the conversion rate, which is currently set to 1 PLEX = 500 new PLEX. 500 PLEX a month is an odd number, as it doesn’t divide evenly by 30. Is the new price of EVE 16.667 new PLEX a day? Why not set the price to 10 new PLEX a day, or 20?

The other downside, though not completely, is that with the addition of the PLEX vault, we likely lose PLEX tanking” ships, where someone loses a ton of PLEX while being dumb or horribly unlucky. Oddly this hurts CCP the most, as any destroyed PLEX was a loss of a game time someone already paid for, without it being converted into actual game time. On the other hand, a lot of PLEX losses were from new players, and I’m guessing CCP has the stats behind someone instantly quitting the game the moment they lose their newly purchased PLEX before they were able to sell it for ISK and get a jump-start in the game. Saving players willing to spend more on the game than just the baseline sub price from themselves likely makes up the losses from PLEX being removed before being cashed in.

I’d say overall this is a good move, and if they tweak to make the price-per-day a bit more clear, that would really make this great.

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