EVE: I need a 10t ISK loan please

Wealth in EVE is a funny thing. For a new player, your first million is special. For the average player, a billion ISK is a decent amount to spend on a single ship. For some groups a trillion ISK is a large amount when lost. Yet at the very top, the world is a very different place. You can occasionally catch glimpses of that world when you see something like a 1000+ PLEX buy or sell order (that’s 1.2t+ ISK from one person in one buy/sell order), or when you see someone like Lenny spending 1t a week for months to fund the migration of Goons from the North to the South of New Eden.

Today we have another example of that world with this 10t contract, which initially appears to be a joke until you actually consider whats inside. It’s even more interesting when you consider what that contract is showing; someone who was not just a major producer, but who had access to incredible margins, via T2 BPOs, for some of the games fastest-selling items (the screenshot cuts off a lot of what was inside).

What do you do with trillions of ISK in EVE? Some fund successful projects like Lenny, others do silly things like aggressively PvP in overly expensive ships, and I’m sure many just collect more ISK, because ‘a lot’ is never enough. EVE truly is a unique place in the MMO space, and yet mirrors the real world in so many ways.

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  1. Those tech II BPOs are a cancer. CCP needs to close them out some day because you simply can’t compete with them if you’re doing tech II production the way it is done now.

    But, as noted on the Reddit thread, that contract looks a lot like somebody waving their e-peen with ATX ships in there along with those BPOs.

    • SynCaine says:

      In the big picture yea, T2 BPOs aren’t great when the whole invention system is in place now. On the other hand, anybody CAN always buy a T2 BPO if they have enough ISK. The ‘problem’ right now is they aren’t worth buying, because it will be 2050 by the time you make back the cost of the BPO with the savings from using it vs Invention.

      Also while perhaps selling T2 items for profit via invention might be hard in Jita (or maybe not, I’ve never actually bothered to check) or other major hubs, it more than works in 1DQ, so I’m not sure how big of an issue it really is, or how they would fix it (removing the BPOs would be a giant F U to a lot of people)

      • I’ve been involved with a couple of T2 ventures, which I never wrote about because the market is so competitive that you don’t want to tell people you have a POS and are producing product X. Jita was a tough market for people doing invention up against T2 BPOs. I could haul stuff to Amarr and have a bit more room to make money, but the volume went down. We also tried making stuff for the alliance/coalition, but when we were just a jump or two in a jump freighter in Deklein, you couldn’t ask for much more than the Jita price.

        You can find things where you don’t compete against T2 BPOs and small alternate markets where they won’t bother, but it is hard to escape their influence on a lot of common modules.

        I wouldn’t ask CCP to kill them, but having a patch with a long warning that converted them to maybe 1000 run BPCs so they would run out eventually would suit me. Or not. I stopped dicking around with that a while back as running anoms in an Ishtar made much more ISK per hour of effort.

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