Shared Battle Brothers game coming up, would you like to join?

The most recent update to Battle Brothers allows for map sharing via a map code, which got Obmar thinking it would be fun to have a bunch of us all play on the same map, and see who can last the longest on Expert Iron Man. I think this is a great idea, and should be a lot of fun.

If you would like to jump in, just add me on Steam (SynCaine) if we aren’t already friends, and I’ll post the map key here at the site once we have it, hopefully in the next few days. Then we are thinking to document progress, we just upload the final defeat screenshot to Steam, so we can all see it in our Activity timeline. We may also try to coordinate some times on Discord to chat while we play, because failing and having others around to talk about it helps with the sting of defeat.


About SynCaine

Former hardcore raider turned casual gamer.
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