This hole isn’t going to dig itself!

“bot detection should have done nothing with the client. Bots should be detected by behavior: repetitively grinding whole day.” “showing that he grinded mobs for 70 hours a week, which point everyone will agree that he was botting or had very bad life choices.” – Gevlon

Those 70hr a week grinders are indeed making lots of very bad life choices of late. Of course we know Gevlon isn’t a bot, because bots actually get results, while Gevlon plays 1000+ games and still can’t get out of the tutorial, but that’s a minor detail here.

Also in case you needed another example of why, according to Gevlon (“I have to ask, have you ever had any personal interaction with anyone who has ever worked in the games industry, beyond being insulted on Reddit by CCP Falcon? – Maxim. “No” – Gevlon), exactly zero devs have contacted him for advice/feedback:

“GM workload should be minimal with an internal instruction: “unban everyone who request it and had 1-2 accounts violating.”- Gevlon

For someone who spends so much effort and energy ranting about corruption, bot farms, ghost training, and whatever else scares him at night, you’d think he would at least know the FIRST thing about how any of it works. But it wouldn’t be Gevlon’s comedy blog if he had a simple understanding of a subject before writing 1000s of words on it, now would it?

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4 Responses to This hole isn’t going to dig itself!

  1. I read your posts because I know that if I visit Gevlon’s blog, I will probably implode.

    Then the terrier lists win.

  2. Noizy says:

    You had to write something that made me go to Gevlon’s blog, didn’t you? Reading his blog is always interesting to see 1) if/how he’s using the information from my blog and 2) how much he doesn’t understand about capitalism and how illicit RMT (aka grey/black market) operations work. While corrupt devs could have made some worthwhile money in WoW, the EVE scene is just too small for that to work.

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