Station trading by another name

This is more of a placeholder for later, but thanks to him sharing, we can see Gevlon is playing over 7 hours of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground every day, for a week straight so far. This is consistent with how he played LoL, and while there is no official record, it’s not hard to guess that is also how much he played EVE.

The other similarity is HOW he is playing. He’s a very below average playing seemingly in all games he tries, while at the same time not needing to do what 99% of us do to enjoy yourself; play the actual game in any manner remotely considered fun by a normal human.

In EVE Gevlon hauled and station traded for 4 years straight with ultimately minimal results. In LoL he played the same champion, in basically the same way, for 1000+ games, this time with basically zero improvement. And now in PUBG he is playing a FPS without shooting, and simply sitting in a corner hiding for 99% of his playtime until he is found and dies.

Yes, he paid money and is now spending a large percentage of his day sitting in a virtual corner by himself, all so he can make a blog post that he thinks makes him look good/smart. Spoiler: It’s not a good look buddy.

Does make for fantastic content though, so there is at least some value in that.


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  1. Trego says:

    He sits in the corner until it’s his time to die? Sounds like the Blair Goblin Project.

    That actually demonstrates a core truth about MMOs in an amusing way. Wherever the principles of supply and demand are found in an MMO, the supply curve is strongly dictated by how enjoyable the activity which produces that supply is found by players. Station trading in EVE, whatever weird thing with workers Gevlon was doing in BDO, etc…all those things were so profitable because most players found them to be so unenjoyable. Now, in PUBG, Gevlon has found the perfect game to use his go-to strategy of exploiting the market niche by being willing to take punishment for 7 hours a day, or enjoying what most would find punishment, etc. And with that punishment being literally sitting in the corner like a misbehaving child, waiting his turn to die in a hilarious BWP reference, no longer can he hide behind the “station trading is fun and demonstrates my intellectual superiority because *numbers*” card, that might be true for some but now it’s been made clear that for Gevlon it’s not about finding station trading fun, it’s about being willing to spend 7 hours a day re-enacting the part of a victim in a bad horror movie to advance on a poorly thought out virtual leaderboard.

    • SynCaine says:

      Bonus points for his strategy, much like his hilarious poker example, leading to never actually winning, but just losing slowly, every single time. There are forms of torture more humane than that.

      • Esteban says:

        Why is a low-risk, low-reward strategy hilarious? Poker grinders often do very well over time.

        Moreover, early turtling/camping/hiding (literally and metaphorically) is usually optimal for last-man-standing scenarios, from Starcraft FFA through paintball to Survivor. If there is anything critical to be said about Gevlon’s PUBG post is that he is reinventing the wheel a little.

        • SynCaine says:

          Because that’s not what he is doing?

          He isn’t camping and playing the long game, which as you mention isn’t new and does work. (and which is something any decent PUBG does already). He is literally sitting in a corner waiting to die, as is evident by his k/d ratio. To bring poker into it, he isn’t successfully grinding, he is losing via the blinds taking all his money without playing 99% of his hands.

          Someone who camps still has a good k/d ratio, just fewer kills total. That’s not what Gevlon is showing from his data, because that’s not what he is doing.

        • Esteban says:

          To have a good K/D ratio you would have to be good at what he calls the ‘skillz’ part – situational awareness/shooting. Which he is explicitly admitting he is not, and (as in LoL, with his insistence on supposedly-lowest skill champions) is explicitly avoiding relying on. If you call out Gevlon on being mechanically bad at games, you’re not really getting his goat here. He knows. The adrenaline/dopamine cocktail is not his jam. Numbers, discipline and strategy are.

          Look at it this way: suppose your hand is broken or something, and you’ve got Gevlon’s K/D ratio. If you expose yourself to another player, there’s a 3:1 chance you’ll die versus you’ll score a kill. It’s a grim place to be, right? So you roll as few of those bad dice as possible, minimising exposure until absolutely necessary – in fact, probably until combat is forced on you. Anything else is suboptimal. The fact that the longer a player survives, the more he is worth as a kill just amplifies the effect.

          Chances are you’ll die the first time you’re shot at, but over time you are still likely to outrate the guy with 3.0 K/D who runs around every game and gets in a dozen fights with points-cheap opponents.

          It’s all perfectly reasonable. And glancing at the PUBG leaderboard, the top guy in overall rating across all regions has a K/D between 2 and 2.5 depending on game type – which, while good, is clearly not what is carrying him.

        • SynCaine says:

          In the broken hand example: I’d learn to play with it, which initially would result in faster deaths and lower scores, but would ultimately result in actually winning games.

          Gevlon’s strat will result in where is he at now, finishing in the top 20ish but never actually winning (or even really playing, but that just goes back to the fun/insanity thing we are putting aside).

        • Trego says:

          Grinding in poker refers to playing in low stakes games, identifying the totally new players, and taking their money via targeted aggression directed at those who are bad. This is not what Gevlon was doing–not even close. Furthermore, since he said “everyone hated me”, he’s either horribly wrong in his evaluation of how he was viewed, or his games were completely social. There’s no reason to hate someone for playing supertight in poker…they’re basically just donating their money to the game–unless you don’t really like poker and you just want the game to be over.

  2. Dinsdale Pirannha says:

    Man, you really have some kind of obsession with this guy.
    Is he a crank, and much of the time way off in la la land? Sure.
    But why do you continually track him?

  3. brindle says:

    to be fair, he was much more successful in EVE than anything you have ever done in that game. pot calling kettle black I’d say

    • SynCaine says:

      Is that so?

      We both tried starting a corp. Mine grew via this blog in high-sec, moved to low-sec, moved to WH space, and ultimately joined one of the larger merc WH groups at that time. His… instantly died and did nothing?

      We both write about EVE. He is a semi-famous meme that CCP laughed at once. I was published in EON, to name just one piece of influence/respect via posting.

      He went out to null and got scammed out of freaking TEST because even they couldn’t bear to have him around. I’m a happy Goon, taking part in the games largest battles, getting in on titan kills, and in on that sweet sweet RMT train.

      He played 4 years straight and experienced maybe 10% of the game. I’ve seen just about all of it now, first-hand.

      The only thing Gevlon did ‘better’ than me was being immune to station trading boredom and having 7+ hours a day for 4 years to grind up ISK. Which… ah yes, he gave away to MoA and accomplished exactly nothing but meme status while ranting like a lunatic. I at least still have my ISK to play with today, and could show up at EVE fest without the entire community instantly putting a dunce cap on me.

      But please, do offer a counter-point.

  4. Kryss says:

    He already uncovered great corrupted dev conspiracy, now they wait for it … BAN CHEATERS!!! that is clearly unheard of, how low can corrupted devs fall after that one should ask!
    But realy, how crazy person can be, before they lock him in room with padded walls and nice long sleeve shirt?

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