What are the odds of the sun rising in the morning?

It’s starting! If you had October 9th, 2017 in the office pool of “When will Gevlon fail in PUBG and blame his failure on corrupt devs”, you win. In LoL it took him 1000+ games of being unable to leave the starter league before he rage-quit and blamed others. Seems in PUBG his no-lifer stamina only lasted 600+ games without a single win. Still impressive to pound ones head into a wall for that long, but it wasn’t a LoL-level of failed effort.

Lack of any game design or even basic IT understanding on Gevlon’s part aside (though there is some comedy in him believing search-target bans are so easy, while he also plays a game with a clearly massively broken ‘ranking’ system that does nothing that he isn’t crying about being so easy to fix, wonder why…), the cheating in PUBG is getting comically bad. Now by comically I mean I’ve personally seen it only a couple times, so it’s not like its happening every other game or anything, but yes, it’s not good, especially from the PR perspective of said fake leaderboards.

At the same time, this is what happens in any game that blows up so quickly. Botting and gold selling were completely out of control in WoW at launch, and those same activities happen to a lesser degree in most other MMOs as well. Combine suddenly having one of the most popular games out with a smaller dev team, hacking being so easy and popular in FPS games, and your game using a common engine, and surprise, hacking happens.

The curious thing about the last few days is why the hackers are being so blatant now? To the average player, someone landing a head shot quickly on you from a fair distance isn’t automatically cheating (Shroud consistently lands ‘must be hacking’ shots), so if you run a hack and use it that way, you go undetected from the perspective of other players. That’s not what is happening here though. Players are blatantly speed hacking in full view of others, using clear wall hacks, and abusing the hacks so hard they kill 60+ people in a single game at comical speed (a game will have 10 people remaining while still in the first circle). That’s clearly someone who doesn’t care about the account and being banned, which again, raises the question of ‘why’?

One explanation is that the account owner doesn’t care about the cost of the game, so will abuse a hack as hard as possible for the laughs, and when the ban happens, they don’t care. Another, similar explanation is the hacker is using a stolen CC, so again money isn’t an issue. Considering how ‘visible’ these types of hackers are, even just a dozen or so of them acting this way will get noticed and posted about on Reddit, and since the leaderboards are already comically broken, getting into the top 10 is also very quick and easy for the hackers, which makes their current form of advertising the hacks effective.

So this all makes for some fun drama on Reddit (though currently not a single thread on the front page is about hacking), gives us a few more ‘that’s interesting’ clips to watch, and very rarely actually ruins a round of PUBG for someone. But in terms of overall problems, it’s still way down the list. I’d take performance improvements over this, as I would additional content (guns, maps) or systems like vaulting. Not that with the success of PUBG the team cant’ expand to cover more areas, or that hacking should be fully ignored, but that doesn’t happen overnight, while the next effective hacking tool can spring up at any moment.

As I said above, hacking happens in any popular game, so this is business as usual and shouldn’t be a surprise to most people. And if I had to guess, I’d say the current wave of blatant hacking will stop shortly, only for another form of it to pop up should PUBG remain as popular as it is.

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5 Responses to What are the odds of the sun rising in the morning?

  1. SynCaine says:

    Quick little update that is too fitting, Gevlon trying to justify why he still hasn’t won a single game:

    “The only persistence in the game are the ratings” – Gevlon

    Season reset as he posted that…

    Extra comedy because nothing from the previous season affects the standings of the next season (In a game like LoL where the ranking system actually matters and works, you get rewarded for your ranking with a border and skins, plus where you start the next season is also affected by your previous season. None of that happens in PUBG, because the PUBG ranking system is literally meaningless right now).

    • Mikrakov says:

      If I’m reading his blog right he is saying he only killed 2 people in 42 games playing a shooter. That’s an extraordinary amount of boredom he has put himself through, he’s truly a “special” individual.

      • SynCaine says:

        His one unique ability is indeed is immunity to boredom. It’s why he only has success in asian grinder MMOs; while most normal people tire of grinding super easy but intentionally boring tasks designed to get you into the cash shop, that’s Gevlon’s favorite thing.

        Unfortunately for him, the vast majority of people don’t care about asian grinders, so he can’t get what he needs (internet likes) from playing/posting about that, and has to try games that are popular like LoL or PUBG, and then runs into the problem of not having any success to write about (hence his pattern of blaming his failures on corruption).

  2. Maineiac says:

    LOL. I’m bad at this game and my chicken dinner count is in the double digits.

    • SynCaine says:

      Jokes on you though, that ranking system that has zero impact on who you play with and that is often reset is what REALLY counts as winning in PUBG!

      :please totally ignore the ‘winner winner’ screen the game displays, that is not actually winning in PUBG, per exactly just one person in the world, who may or may not be missing a few screws:

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