LiF: Guild update Feb 20th 2018

Smaller update this time as it was a surprisingly quiet few days. Judgement Hour came and went without issue for us, which means all our trees on our realm claim continue to grow. Once they are fully mature, we will have a massive amount of wood for future building and crafting.

The big change in-game is the coming of Fall, with Winter not too far away. Fall means much slower crop and tree growth, and during winter only trees grow, and very slowly at that. This means we need to stock up as best we can on food, not so much for us as we can cook fish, but more so for our animals. We will see if we prepared enough. If we have not, we will have to take them out of the barn and store them in carts of our warehouse (yes, animals when taken out of their homes become items, and those items don’t require food and they don’t age. It’s a bit odd). The downside of that is we will no longer get things like wool, meat, and leather while the animals are in storage.

In other news, we have started an alt guild. The original intent was to place this guild south of our current location, both because further south winter comes slower and is shorter, and to get different regional resources. However, we made a mistake and the base is actually in the same region. It will still be useful for farming, and since it’s on the water, it will be a good ‘port’ for us when swimming from other regions. You can’t swim overburdened, and horses can’t swim, so being able to swim with a full inventory, and then dump the good in our second location will be very helpful.

We also found a large gold mine, so we now have a giant pile of gold in our base that we will use to fund both our guild monument and any personal claims. The personal claims are how we will get into other regions. We will place coops to get some animal products, and then one character can do some farming around their personal claim. It will be a small time investment once it’s set up, basically just logging in to manage the coops and occasionally plant/harvest, but hopefully long-term will give us better access to critical end-game items/weapons.

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