LiF MMO: Fighting with gondor continues!

Our regular fighting with gondor continues, and continues to be very entertaining.

Every judgement hour (Sat at 10pm EST) they show up, and the last two weeks, thanks to a combinate of lower turnout on our end, and a few more on their end, they have ‘laid siege’ to our town and climbed over the walls.

The first week they caught us by surprise with the log ramp they built, and they got in fairly quickly, though not before we had a small open-field skirmish with them that resulted in some dead horses on their end, and I believe a casualty on our end. Once the ground fighting was going south for us, we retreated back behind our walls, and from then we traded archer shots while they stacked logs to get over the walls.

My melee fighter at this point was too injured to fight them off the walls, which I really regretted because it looked incredibly fun. Instead I was on my archer, and while I got some good shots in, once they were over the walls that was basically the extend of my usefulness.

As they had overwhelming numbers once over the walls, we further retreated inside our buildings and shut the doors, which the enemy can’t open. Not all of us made it however, and I believe one or two more people died and were looted. We certainly lost, but had a lot of fun and learned a good deal overall.

The second time, last week, the fighting almost right away went to us defending our walls and their attempts to build a log ramp. However we were better prepared, and held them off much longer thanks to a combination of more archers and having healthy melee on the walls swinging away when they tried to climb up.

In this fight I was again mostly on my archer, but this time not only was I consistently hitting their players as they tried to move logs for the ramp, I was also able to kill said logs with a few crossbow shots. Oddly enough other members were not able to do the same, which might have been a guild permissions issue or some odd game mechanic.

This time once the enemy was over our walls we fought them a bit, and were holding our own until simply too many were inside and we just didn’t have the melee to hold them. Losses were similar, and again nothing we can’t quickly recover from thanks to our large stockpiles.

Between judgement hours, gondor will occasionally come around and see if we are willing to fight them. In one such instance I was able to kill an enemy lancer’s horse with my own lancer, but his backup arrived and, thanks to a smart play of blocking our gate with a horse, I wasn’t able to get back inside and ate death via lance. Another time I was on my melee character and, along with a guild mate, we were able to kill two of them (on dc’ed) while only taking one loss ourselves, and we were able to loot both bodies.

Overall the fighting has been really fun, and we keep improving. I’m also actually grateful for gondor and their determination to fight us. They don’t have to show up, and they push hard even when things like walls and high ground are against them. Good times all around. And its not too late for new players to join us. I just recently started a pure pvp alt (my 4th character…), and in less than a week I’m at the point where I can bring them into PvP and hold my own skill/gear-wise.

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3 Responses to LiF MMO: Fighting with gondor continues!

  1. Jonneh says:

    I’ll craft a bunch of armour piercing arrows/bolts tomorrow, we should do a test for the damage difference as well

  2. It sounds like Gondor have been upgraded from enemies to frenemies. Do you manage to have friendly chats with them on the non-combat hours or are they all moon speak? :P

    • SynCaine says:

      I’ve talked to one or two of them that seemed to speak (type) english, but it was only stuff like “good fight” and “let me heal up”. Nothing major.

      I think both sides just understand that PvP is mostly what we have to entertain us right now, and keeping it interesting (not zerging each other) is our best bet to keep it going.

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