CR/CoC – Give me better guild tools already

Business trip this week to Europe, which means no PC gaming. It also means having to deal with the fact that the savages in Europe have not yet discovered toilet paper better than single-ply sandpaper. Seriously, how is it that a top-end hotel can have all the amenities you’d expect, and then still have a non-elongated toilet with ultra-cheap toilet paper? Head into a new, high-tech office building in a major city for a Fortune 50 company and guess what? Bleeding butthole time in the bathroom! Insanity.

That grip aside, the time away from the PC has put my focus more on mobile gaming, and while I overall love the addition of Clan Wars in Clash Royale, I do wish it was a little more feature-complete, especially for guild leadership. Why can’t I see an easy record of member performance in wars? Let me easily see how often someone wins a match please. Let me easily see how often someone was active in a war. Both data points are already in the game via the war log, but it’s painful to personally track it in a guild of 50, especially if you go back more than a few wars.

Games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans aren’t purely casual mobile games. They can be played that way, and I’m sure millions do, but they also have a deep, interesting, and highly competitive top-end, one that is promoted by the developers via tourneys and invitational, so why don’t we also have the built-in tools to help manage the playstyle? There are external tools that do some of this legwork for you, though not fully, but given how huge and successful CR and CoC are, can’t we have this in-game already? Get on it SuperCell!

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5 Responses to CR/CoC – Give me better guild tools already

  1. Isey says:

    I just got back from Europe – thank you three ply! =)

    I agree with you. I had a really nice run of going 3/3 in card collections for all of our wars except for one, when I went 2-1 and then had a disastrous 1-2 this round. But I also struggle on the 1v1 as I am getting comfortable using all of the different card combinations. So I had felt great with the last two wars being strong for me but this one I did poorly – overall, not bad contributions though.

    Heck, I even just wanted to see my own stats – yet alone the tools for the guild. This new mode is really competitive and has consequences for not placing well, which really ups the game from super casual!

  2. Kromac says:

    Yeah I saw some people with spreadsheets and stuff….I can’t imagine people putting in that kind of time it’s crazy.

  3. McCaspar says:

    Syn, have you seen this?

    Might be what you’re looking for :)

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