CoC and CR guild and game update 9/13/18

Time for a progress update on Supreme Creams! adventures in Clash of Clans (CoC) and Clash Royale (CR), and also some commentary on the overall state of both games.

Starting with CoC, we are typically going to war with 15 or 20 accounts. We have 5-10 additional active accounts, but folks either don’t opt into a war, or have something updating that they decide to sit out a war. I’d love for us to return to having at least 25+ in a war, as the larger wars are more interesting in terms of picking targets and how things finish up. Especially in 15 account wars, they typically come down to the top 1-2 bases and whether either side can get a three star, which marginalizes the efforts of everything below.

On a personal note, I have one account currently upgrading to TH12, and another midway through TH10. Both are very fun in wars, with the TH12 using a valk/hogs/AQwalk army, while the TH10 I’ve gone for a full hog army with an AQ walk. My plan is for the TH12 to eventually max everything, while the TH10 will limit troop/spell upgrades to just the hog army until it also hits TH12.

CoC itself is in a good spot right now. Clan wars remain very fun, while clan games continue to be a nice addition that motivates a clan and provides some good bonus rewards. Recruiting new players is significantly harder than in CR, which is unfortunate for the war reasons listed above.

In CR our group is currently in Gold 2 for wars, and we average about 40 accounts in a war. My goal is to have us as close to the 50 account max as possible. The good news here is almost as soon as I remove an inactive, a new application comes in, so clan management is less about hoping someone new comes, and more about keeping the roster pruned of inactive or horribly ineffective accounts.

Personally my main account last season hit Master III rank, which I believe is top 0.1% or so, with my second account reaching Master II (buff Royal Giant…). For card levels both accounts have max (other than legendary) decks, and I’m working on hitting level 11+ for all cards for wars right now. Hopefully once all/most cards are 11+, I’ll be able to max out some new cards and start start switching up cards in the ladder decks, as I’ve been playing the same two decks for well over a year now.

CR itself is better than it has even been IMO. Clan war collection day matches now have great variety, with my current favorite being 2x elixir draft battles. On match days I really enjoy creating decks for clan mates to use, and then watching how they do (usually poorly for derps like Maine…). Back when clan wars started I doubted we would even hit Gold, yet now I’m thinking we can push into the upper levels of gold and maybe even beyond.

The new cards added to the game have mostly been fantastic, with the newest, the goblin giant, being perhaps my favorite. The game is well balanced, as evident by the wide range of decks on both the ladder and in clan wars. I wish events were more frequent, but when they do happen I almost always enjoy and finish them.

If any reads would like to join (or rejoin), we have spots in CoC so just apply. In CR I most likely will need to make a spot, so just drop a note here and I’ll clear some space. Just be sure to mention the blog in your application for either game.

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4 Responses to CoC and CR guild and game update 9/13/18

  1. Azuriel says:

    I had a lot of fun with the Goblin Giant during the event, but it simply highlights the absurdity of the Supercell business model. New card comes out, and your most dedicated players can’t use it… for months, if not longer. Well, unless you pay cash.

    I hit 4632 myself last season and my Goblin Giant is an unusable level 8. Tournament standard is still 5 cards away (level 9), let alone where a card should be in my general bracket. My current deck uses a level 11 epic and I already feel like it’s holding me back/I could push higher if it were level 12. Meanwhile, players in the lower brackets can crack a Goblin Giant in a chest or whatever, and start enjoying it immediately.

    • SynCaine says:

      Well if new cards were easy to max, it wouldn’t take very long for the average player to have zero reason to open chests or get gold, which is kinda the whole reward model for the game.

      Plus new cards can be used earlier in clan wars, and immediately in draft format.

  2. Izlain says:

    The derp squad has been doing pretty well in wars. Seems like we have a couple wins and then a loss, with a net gain overall. Like you I have mostly higher level cards for my decks, outside of new additions and legendaries. I think everything is at level 11 (now that they changed the level scheme) at least but only a few at 12 (cards I’m actually using). I love what they’ve been doing with the game.

  3. Kromac says:

    I’ve been on an awful run in war mode….frustrating! Need to take more time practicing I guess, been burned out and it’s leading to mistakes.

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