Inject directly into my veins!

Nov 29nd. That’s the release date for the Battle Brothers DLC/expansion, costing $10.

First, that price point is too low. $15 would have been my minimum, and considering the feature list, I wouldn’t have been taken aback at $20. The developers of BB have never been very good at the whole business side of gaming, so just at this to the list. Hopefully it sells really well, because they have hinted at providing additional paid content if it does. One can hope.

The release date is also a surprise, considering we are in an age where you can wishlist a game on Steam and 5 years later the game is still in early access, or still doesn’t have a release date. This is a quick turn around from announcement to release, which I appreciate.

The content also has me very excited, mostly because I think it adds exactly what the game needs; more of the same. New enemies, new events, new items. There are also new systems, like crafting of consumables and armor modifications. Assuming it all comes together, I expect this will make what is already a varied and sandboxy game all the more so.

The big focus is on exploration, which is an area the base game teases you with (two unique locations) but never really runs with it. Sounds like this expansion seeks to flesh out that early promise, with more unique locations, and a bigger focus on exploring further away from the towns and cities on the map. I like this because I think it will give you a solid reason to break away from running contracts for a bit and go off in a random direction to see what is out there.

Overall I’m pumped, more so than I have been for a while as relates to gaming. Battle Brothers is easily one of my favorite games in the last few years, and getting sucked back into the sandbox is exactly what I need right now. Or Nov 29th anyway.

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4 Responses to Inject directly into my veins!

  1. Mike says:

    Super excited for this!

  2. bodaster says:

    Okay, I caved in, bought this now. Generally dislike paying for early access, but now that concern is luckily out of the way :)

    • SynCaine says:

      BB isn’t in Early Access, unless I totally missed what you are saying here.

      • bodaster says:

        Yeah I meant that it is not in early access _any more_. Last time I looked it still was, and in general I do not spend that much time in a single game, so I prefer a more polished version during that single run.

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