Clash of Clans – Clan War Leagues are here!

Big update today in the world of Clash of Clans with the addition of Clan War Leagues. If you have stepped away from CoC for a while, perhaps now is the time to reconsider and rejoin, we have some room in Supreme Cream!

The wars will be 15v15, with clan leadership deciding who the 15 are via a selection process (slightly different from the normal war process of people opting in, and leadership being able to sit people out or put others in). I expect we will run our top 15 players based on TH maturity and attack skill, but maybe not. That seems to make the most sense based on the info we have, but we will find out when the first week of matches starts in a few hours. The good news is everyone in the clan can be put into the reserves roster, and everyone will at least get some rewards based on performance.

The format is a bit different too. You get grouped with 6 other clans, and each clan then gets paired daily. Ranking is based off the total number of stars collected during the week, and that determines whether a clan moves up or down in the League ranks (somewhat similar to Clan Wars in Clash Royale). As in CR, I’m curious where our clan will place in rank, and how/if we are able to improve as we go.

The other big difference from regular wars, aside from the locked 15v15 size, is that everyone only gets one attack per round, not two. This is HUGE in terms of strategy, both for base building (trick bases now have value) and for picking targets and army composition. Going for a risky 3 star is likely less favorable over a securable 2 star, but we will see. The exciting part is the meta is certainly going to be different!

Again if you have played in the past but stepped away, or if you are interesting in starting up (the early game ramp up has been dramatically shortened), apply to the clan and mention the blog to get accepted.

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