CR: Trophy Road is a good addition to the game

A big update has hit Clash Royale, bringing a new card (earthquake), balance changes, and some upcoming game modes. The biggest addition IMO is the introduction of “Trophy Road”, which adds rewards as you move up in trophy ranks.

The system is more enjoyable than the season-end chest as its more immediate, and the rewards come in smaller chunks, which means more rewards for smaller increments of trophy gain. The smaller gaps means pushing towards your next reward doesn’t feel as daunting, or leads to people basically not caring about trophy amounts towards the end of a season if they aren’t close to moving up.

This change also speeds up progression in the game overall, which is something that SuperCell has been doing in both Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Until recently, progress was the main driver of revenue, as the game allowed you to spend to progress. Now however progression is being slowly phased out by fluff, be it skins or emotes, as a source of revenue. This is a good direction for the players, and hopefully for the company as well with more sustained revenue.

With progression being faster in both games, as well as the quality of updates being really high of late, now is an excellent time to start up or return. Come join us in Supreme Cream!

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