Battle Brothers next expansion out May 9th!

Obviously buying this the first day I can, as Battle Brothers has quickly become one of my favorite games in recent years.

This expansion adds a lot of great stuff, including different options and rule-sets to start a game, a new enemy faction, a rework on how to acquire legendary items, and lots more.

May 9th can’t come soon enough!

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2 Responses to Battle Brothers next expansion out May 9th!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I started getting into this again recently and really love it, I’ve got to my first late game event as well (Undead) as well as my first legendary item. It helped that I found a page on the wiki showing what top and bottom level stats character backgrounds could have so I knew if I was getting a good team member or not.

    Seems like every time they release something for this game though something else comes out that takes my attention, City of Heroes also had it’s source code released to the public a few days ago so hoping that will be available as well.

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