WoW Classic: Day one is 100% exactly like the first day of WoW in 2004!

And by that I mean Blizzard, 15 years later, still doesn’t understand the basics of how to not get in their own way, and I’m sitting in a queue 18k deep that is going to, at best, get me into the game in 4 hours. Mind you, we rolled on a server that was part of the THIRD wave of new servers!


Remember when the original server list of Classic was like 6 servers? And its now what, 50 servers? 15 years Blizzard. 15 years.

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7 Responses to WoW Classic: Day one is 100% exactly like the first day of WoW in 2004!

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    I remember launch and early days of WoW in 2004 and every hour the server I was on (US Doomhammer) would have a melt down and we would be rolled back about 30 minutes or more of progress. Those were the days. ;)

    We did not have 18K queues back then! O.o

    BTW first thing you need to do is create a level 1 raid and take on Hogger. I assume he is back to his former over powered self in Vanilla. ;)

  2. Kryss says:

    exactly because of that i log in in server two hours before launch :D
    then after hour i try to change realm to there my second character was i was greeted with 18000 queue and decided to stay there i was.

    but server was very stable – no lag, no disconnects, no crush, i dissapointed all that talk about “vanilla expirience” and then BAM stable servers, blizzard should get their shit together and introduce some lag and random disconnects at least.

    Still not very playable, there was about hundred characters in Northshire Abbey, oh well i was there, and took screenshots, happy enough for now :)

  3. Marathal says:

    I count myself lucky. Around 6:20 EST I tried to log in, was 111 in queue. The next 4 hours was a challenge

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  5. Esteban says:

    Goodness. So very many people sitting there, still thinking they do. (but they don’t)

    In seriousness, I actually do hope you have a blast, for however long it lasts.

  6. Kyff says:

    On another note: Please check your blogroll. Apparantly West Karana is not what it used to be.

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