LoL TFT: Man I suck, oh wait I’m awesome!

Tonight we sit in a queue to play WoW Classic, but today I want to talk about the roller coast ride I just went on with LoL TFT Ranked play. It started at around 80 points into Plat 3, the low point was 70 points in Gold 1, and ends (for now) back in Plat 4 with around 80 points.

The fall was rough. For about 10 games I felt like I had no idea how to play the game. Team compositions never came together, or they did but the key items didn’t. Or I’d start very strong towards a composition I normally don’t like (like Nobles), only for that composition to completely fall apart when a key piece (Kayle for Nobles) never arrives. Then you tilt, try to force things, and it just gets worse. I dropped back into Gold because That 10 games was a bunch of 7th and 8th place finishes. Bad times.

The next day things were the mirror opposite. 3 straight wins. Not 3 games with a top 4 finish to gain LP, but 3 straight games where I dominate and gain massive amounts of LP. That kind of run makes you feel like a genius.

Here is a nice stat tracker site that shows a graph of LP gains/losses, along with a limited match history. Classic is going to cut into my TFT time for sure, but the game is far too much fun to completely drop. I’ve also really been enjoying a few PUBG matches most nights, but that is likely going to get reduced too. Oh yea and I need to finish Pathfinder: Kingmaker at some point ‘soon’…

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