New mobile game Might Party review, and maybe guild formation?

As readers here know, my two longest running games right now are both mobiles game (Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, with CoC going 5+ years now), so I’ve long since crossed over into the idea that not only are mobile games ‘real’ games, but they have the chance to be as-good or better than ‘real’ PC games. Not to suggest that MOST mobile games aren’t garbage, they are, but the good ones are in fact ‘good games’, and not ‘good mobiles games’.

I saw this to set up the sales pitch for Mighty Party, a game that was recently recommended to me and one that I’m currently very into, mostly because of its turn-based combat system. Around that combat system are all the usual trimmings of a F2P mobile game; the cash shop with plenty of pay-to-progress and convenience items (I don’t believe there is any outright pay-for-power exclusives behind a paywall), the daily quests, the weekly events, etc. The game is also polished and feature-complete, with plenty of things to do.

But as mentioned the key selling point for me is the combat system. You create a ‘deck’ of heroes much like in Clash Royale, and those heroes level up via getting more copies from chests. Unlike in CR, higher levels also open new abilities, which can substantially change how that particular hero plays. Once you have your deck, you go into a grid-based battle, where you take turns playing a card (hero). The grid is 3 squares wide and 4 deep, and heroes will hit the first enemy in a line. If no hero is in that line, you hit the enemy leader. You win when the enemy leader loses all health.

There is a huge variety of heroes, coming from three different factions (Order, Nature, Chaos), two genders (male and female, gotta specify in 2020!), and either melee or ranged. You can put any hero in any deck, but there are tons of synergies to create. For example a hero I use now will gain increased power and health when summoned for every friendly Order hero already on the board. This not only suggest you should make your deck mostly, if not all, Order heroes, but any Order hero that has the special ability of summoning other Order heroes is especially strong here. Deck building is incredibly fun for me right now, and every new or upgraded hero has the potential to mix things up.

Once you have your deck, combat itself is also surprisingly tactical. When it is your turn, your hand contains four of your heroes selected at random, and you can only play one. You retain the other three, and when its your turn again you draw a fourth. Who you play, and where you place them on the grid has massive tactical impact. Board control seems to be king, and its difficult to come back if things tilt against you, though there are heroes who specialize in just that. There is a lot of nuance as well. For example, one of my heroes gets more power from every ally that has attacked. By placing him at the bottom of the grid, he will act last on my turn, meaning all allies ahead of him provide him his power buff. Sometimes you will want to place him higher, but when possible placing him lower is great. Another example is a hero who gets a buff from each adjacent ally, so often times I will try to craft a good spot for this, and when things come together it can be game-changing. However if the opponent is able to remove key heroes, that card can be difficult to play in a meaningful way. I could go on, but the point is that the combat is deep, and you will do a lot of thinking and decision-making turn-to-turn.

The game has a guild feature, and my player code is IXBZHG to find me for the friends list. With enough interest I’ll start up a guild, and hopefully there will be as right now I’m really enjoying what Mighty Party brings to the table.

Note: I have not received any codes or funds from the Mighty Party devs to promote the game. That said if they want to give me some, I’m here with hands wide open!

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7 Responses to New mobile game Might Party review, and maybe guild formation?

  1. Gyorgy Boda says:

    bodaster is here, received a pop up “promotional code”, but the above code was not working. Is that the place?

    • SynCaine says:

      That’s the spot, should be working. The letter I is the first, its not the number 1. However now the Wiki is saying that system was removed, so not sure. Odd it still prompts you but might not do anything. Either way that’s my ID in-game to friend me.

      Edit: Confirmed on Discord the system is no longer in place, editing post.

  2. Gyorgy Boda says:

    And syn, can you get to some decent blog engine already pls?:)

  3. Polynices says:

    Cool. Have enjoyed all your previous mobile game recs so thanks for this. Already friended ya. Still not really sure what I’m doing in game.

    Found a new player guide:

    Seem accurate?

    • SynCaine says:

      I’m guessing its accurate from a min/max perspective, but the whole thing about limiting ranks and not leveling for a new player sounds painfully unfun. Maybe that’s smart after a month of playing or so, but for now I’m just playing ‘as intended’ and seeing how it goes.

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