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Trion being Trion: RNG land grab

Editor’s note: These are far more enjoyable from afar rather than having to suffer through them hoping Trion eventually figures out how to run an MMO. Spoiler: they won’t! You know what would make a guild-based land rush limited to … Continue reading

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AA: Good design can’t overcome a bad business model and stupidity

Whelp, things went downhill fast huh? To some extent this should have been obvious, given that ArcheAge is a F2P MMO, the very clear minor-leagues of the genre. Maybe I was trying to convince myself otherwise, or maybe a particularly … Continue reading

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AA: Trion being Trion at it’s finest

If even half of this is true, Trion is far more incompetent than even I have joked about. It honestly has taken most of the wind out of the game for me, which is a complete shame because the game … Continue reading

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Trion Being Trion: DDoS is the new ‘hacked’

Have you noticed anytime someone says something stupid on Twitter that gets them in trouble, the easy way out is to say your twitter got hacked? Saying you are experiencing a DDoS is the ‘I’ve been hacked’ of not keeping … Continue reading

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AA: Is ‘Trion being Trion’ going to be a daily thing?

Little behind the scenes blogging info here; sometimes you create a category thinking you are going to post about that topic enough to warrant one. Sometimes you create one as more of a joke, thinking this won’t last. ‘Trion being … Continue reading

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Patching, how does it work?

A few small items as we wait all day for Trion to apply a 150 mini-patch: Inquisition is off to a good start in AA in terms of membership. We are averaging just under 10 people online most nights, and … Continue reading

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AA: Today in Trion being Trion

If you have been keeping up with all of the issues AA is facing thanks to Trion (queues, bots and hackers going unpunished, spammers destroying public channels for hours at a time), my guess is you have also picked up … Continue reading

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