Clash Royale and Clash of Clans update Feb 2019

Mobile gaming update time.

In Clash Royale we continue to drift between Legendary and the top of Gold. Basically, our core group is good enough to generally win wars in Gold, but once we hit Legendary, we get crushed. A couple of things explain this.

For one, I think most of us are able to build a good deck at gold league card levels (11), but most can’t do that at Legendary (12). This problem is even worse for our newer players, who might use level 10 or even 9 cards in a deck. A lvl 10 card vs 11s is fine. 10s vs 12s in Legendary is, generally, too much power to overcome, even if you out-skill your opponent. This also applies to account levels; if your account is level 10, going up against level 11 towers is doable. Vs 12s though you are at a significant disadvantage.

The second, and even bigger problem with Legendary league is that it only has one tier, and matchmaking will put you against basically anyone in that league. In one war we got matched up against a top 100 clan. They had 5x the amount of war trophies. Just insane.

That said, I’m surprised we even cracked into Legendary, and given how stable our core is, I’m now actually confident we will eventually find our footing in that league and stay permanently. Skill-wise we are basically there, it’s just a matter now of people rounding out their card collections and being able to consistently field strong lvl12 decks.

Personally I still really enjoy the war aspect of the game. Ladder climbing I do just to keep going, but I’m not really driven to climb as now it’s more a question of time vs skill or progression. My decks are maxed, and with average time I can climb to around 5k trophies. With serious play time I can climb to 5.5k+, but usually I don’t have that time.

In Clash of Clans we are in Master League III, and in our current league we are projected to finish 4th or 5th. The fact that so far we have always been behind in town hall levels means skill-wise we are above the pack, which is a nice, and means we will move up once we get more people deeper into TH12.

Personally in CoC I have my main account closing in on being maxed (not walls), while my alt is in the middle of TH11. I’m still really enjoying the Electro/Loon attack at TH12, and can execute a 3-star attack against even a max TH12 if things go well. At TH11 I’m currently switching from mass hogs to mass miners, because max hogs into a base with an Eagle generally results in murder, and basically never results in a 3 star. I’ve seen miners fair better, so in that direction I go (I don’t want both accounts using electro/loon as that’s boring).

Our clan, Supreme Cream!, is going strong in both games. In CR we are generally full but turnover is fairly common. In CoC we have spots open, and anyone TH7+ is welcome to join for regular clan wars (League wars are capped at 15, so our highest 15 go in for that).



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Patriots win the Super Bowl, again

Another Super Bowl, another Patriots win. Still can’t get one where they are up a comfortable amount towards the end so it can be fully enjoyed in the moment, but first world winner problems there. It’s just cool to be a fan of the team as it obliterates the record books. Never going to see another team like this in the NFL unless they massively overhaul the rules.

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Beholder short film

Here is a link to my review of Beholder. Since that review the game difficulty has been toned down, and is now more enjoyable IMO.

Today I was sent a link to the short film produced about the game. It’s pretty neat, especially if you have played the game. The film is about one choice (quest) the landlord has to make around a tenant that has the pills the landlords sick daughter needs, and the different outcomes of the choices he can make. Much like the game, basically all results are some shade of bad. The film’s art style is a dead-match to the games, which is very cool. I enjoyed it, and not a bad use of 10 minutes on a Friday.



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Another Battle Brothers DLC is coming!

The latest expansion/DLC was announced today, called “Warriors of the North”.

More ‘stuff’ is great news for me, as I’m still very much in love with BB. I’ve been playing ‘true’ Ironman games lately (more on that in another post), and this DLC will likely mean I can also start up a non-Ironman game to explore all of the new content in one fresh-feeling game.

In addition to the new faction, I think being able to make decisions around how your company starts, including the starting brothers and opening scenario, is awesome, especially if those decisions continue to impact your game long-term. That could add a lot of replayability to a game that is already packed with replayability.

The announcement also confirms that the first DLC sold well-enough to get a second released, which then hopefully means BB development continues, as the core game is a great foundation for A LOT more ‘stuff’ that could be added.

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LoL – Improved, not changed

Playing League of Legends again after over a year off has been interesting so far, and very entertaining.

At it’s core, it’s still LoL, and I do enjoy that core immensely. This isn’t like going back to World of Warcraft post-TBC and playing welfare-epics Online, where the game you left and the game you return to is so fundamentally different it now caters to a completely different audience. No, LoL is not any easier, or ‘dumbed down’, than it was years ago. You are still rewarded for learning how to last-hit in lane, having map awareness, positioning, solid timing, and all the other skills that separate LoL players into the various ranked tiers.

At the same time, the amount of ‘stuff’ surrounding that core is kind of ridiculous. There are currently 143 champions. That’s just an absurd number, yet at the same time doesn’t feel like a bad thing. You don’t need to know how to play all 143, and so long as you have basic knowledge about all of them, you can face off vs them at lower ranked tiers and usually do fine. Runes have been reworked, and there are now more choices to make, while at the same time the biggest impact decision is limited to one keystone that everyone can see. Learn the keystones, and you have 80% of the knowledge you need outside of the upper skill levels. The map is 95% the same, and the small changes you can learn as you go.

On the fluff side the number and quality of the skins has of course increased, so its fun to see some of the more impressive skins in-game. I’ve yet to purchase more RP to grab more skins myself, but it’s coming. Plus there are now daily and longer quests that reward blue essence (the free currency), chests you earn that can give you champions or skins, a different honor system, changes to the reporting system, and who knows what else.

What I think is most impressive is that right now I can say that LoL is in its best state. It runs perfectly, everything is snappy, and the polish is off the charts. A new player joining today isn’t late to the party, and they don’t have to climb a mountain to catch up like in many older games. They just get to enjoy a better version of what was always a top-notch game, and from a development standpoint that’s remarkable.

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Fallout76 going F2P is a ROUGH look

This post assumes this rumor is true, because that’s a lot more fun than waiting for boring stuff like ‘the facts’.

Assuming truth, this is a bad, bad look for Bethesda and the Fallout franchise. Consider that Bethesda has been selling various versions of Skyrim for years now (with success, otherwise they wouldn’t keep re-releasing it), and that Fallout 4 was a big hit with plenty of DLC, F76 already throwing in the towel is a steep decline. The ‘Fallout’ name alone should have carried it for a while, but I think most of that went into boosting pre-sale numbers. With that done, this move strongly suggests box sales are way down, and Bethesda sees more value now in getting people to try the game for free and hopefully spending a few bucks in the cash store. As always, no successful title goes F2P in the middle of said success; its always a move you make when things are going poorly.

Even as a free title I’m still not sure I’d bother with the game, primarily because its not on Steam. (Though I do already have the Bethesda launcher due to Elder Scrolls Legends, so maybe?)

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Battle Brothers: Legendary retirement

I’ve retired my company in Battle Brothers after 365 days (because achievement). It was a Veteran/Veteran/Ironman game, though it wasn’t true Ironman as I would use the force-quit trick to replay some battles that went exceptionally poorly. Without that trick the run would have ended much, much sooner.

The run completed all three end-game crisis events, and at the time of retirement, a second greenskin invasion was happening. The witch’s hut major battle was beaten, but I could not complete the goblin city, black obelisk, or kraken battle. The reason I couldn’t beat those battles mostly came down to not having a massively min/maxed set of brothers, as I finished the campaign still using a mix of starter backgrounds along with some un-optimal higher-tier backgrounds. I’d say I had maybe three brothers who I would consider top-tier in terms of stats.

In terms of gear I had about 10 named items, along with full sets of high tier weapons and armor. The room for growth in this area was pretty slim, basically limited to more and higher-quality named items.

I’ve started a new campaign with the intent of seeing and beating all of the end-game content. Due to this, the run is not ironman, and I’m save scumming recruiting hard (buy everyone in a city, check stats, reload and only higher top-tier recruits, if any), as well as reloading any battles that go poorly. This of course leads to the game being overall easier, but that also means I’ll hit the power needed for those end-game battles faster. Once I see and beat those, I’ll retire the company and, most likely, start a true ironman run where I don’t use the force-quit trick, and just play until the company is wiped out.

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