Playing catch-up.

Having been under the weather for the week, I just recently got caught up on my daily blog reading, and it seems a missed a few news items, although none of them ‘official’ or really earth shattering. Seems we have an Elderscrolls MMO to look forward to, and some City of Heroes buyout news broke.

The Elderscrolls news is only interesting in that many people thought Oblivion could easily be made into an MMO given it’s setting and overall gameplay, and if I recall correctly there were rumors of an unofficial mod to make that happen (which I don’t think actually did, or we would have heard about it I would think). Outside of that however, I’m not sure how the Elderscrolls would really separate itself from the already establish worlds of the MMO community. To me it’s a fairly standard setting, just done really well as a single player experience. It’s something to look forward to though, if nothing else, although I’m sure it’s a long ways off to even speculate much about it.

The NCsoft/CoH news I’m indifferent about, considering I’ve only played CoH for a few days, and it never really hooked me. It did seem like a decent enough game however. As for NCsoft, they have clearly established themselves as a very solid name in the MMO world, with some very hit and miss titles. That said, I think any move to further grow MMO’s as a whole is good, and NCsoft has released titles at are outside of the cookie-cutter mold. Lineage is PvP based, Auto Assault was car based, Guild Wars had its whole ‘no subscription’ thing before it became more standard, etc.

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