Keeps return to WAR.

I told myself I would not focus on games ‘coming soon’, as nothing disappoints more than getting all hyped about a game that when released is simply ‘meh’, but with that said, I am very encouraged by the latest WAR podcast. Without breaking it all down, the part that I found most interesting was Mythic’s re-focus on open field PvP rather than instances. Now who (other than beta testers) really knows exactly what this ‘re-focus’ actually means, and instance PvP is still in the game, but at the very least it sounds like some form of open field PvP will be supported. From all my PvP experience over multiple games, the most memorable moments have always been the unexpected ones, and it’s rather difficult to have something unexpected happen in an enclosed, preset instance.

The open field PvP will also be highlighted by the return of Keeps, a key feature in Dark Age of Camelot, Mythic’s previous game. Keeps were generally the area where the major battles took place, and hopefully this continues in WAR. Rumors on forums before the close of the last beta indicated that capture points were too easy to tag, and were also somewhat pointless. It seems Mythic listened to a lot of that feedback and now intends to give open PvP some meaning.

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  1. vajuras says:

    Nice sounds like a smart move for Mythic. Even though I’m no fan of instancing- what they are doing with Scenarios is actually pretty interesting yo. You will have 12vs12 pvp objectives happening. It’s kind of like PVP questing looks like in the vids.

    never played DAoC so i prefer not to really comment on WAR though. having exposure to RvR is pretty much required to be able to understand it

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