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My Mordheim review can be found here. This post is a bit of an update, as I keep playing the game and I’m liking it more and more.

One of the things Mordheim does great is mix in randomization in the maps. I’m not 100% sure on this, but I believe both the starting locations and certain details (like whether a doorway is blocked, if a staircase is collapsed, etc) are randomized, so even though you are playing on the same general map, the randomization really forces you to adjust your strategy and change things up. This is a great example of taking something that is difficult to do in real life, and using the extra flexibility a video game version gives you to make the experience better.

I also like the story missions, as they have all (so far) played very different from the normal missions you do, and have been a real challenge. Early on the game is brutal because your margin for error is so small. If one mission goes badly, you might end up in a real hole in terms of money or wardstone, and that might spiral into the warband total imploding. Later on, once you have a bit of gold stored up, one bad mission isn’t the end of the world (though it can still sting, especially if it really goes bad and you get a lot of injuries and lost gear). This is important because the story missions tend to be tough, both because of the surprises and because of the unlimited reinforcement mechanic. I’ve failed a few, which set my warband back, but it wasn’t total game over, and made finally beating that mission feel even better.

Finally, I really like the depth of the game. From the different weapon and armor choices, to enchantments, to how each class within each warband differs, there is just a lot of ‘stuff’ in Mordheim that will keep you entertained mission after mission. That I think is the biggest surprise for me; even after dozens of normal missions, and after seeing the (relatively) same maps and faced the (relatively) same warbands, I still feel surprised and entertained by the game.

Again, I highly recommend the game. It really is a gem, and should be getting more attention. Ping me on Steam if you want to play a friendly match or two.

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