Shadowbane reset sparks interest.

I guess Shadowbane is going to reset its server, putting everyone back to square one. A bold move, and interesting enough that I might have to check back in to Shadowbane, especially since its free…

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8 Responses to Shadowbane reset sparks interest.

  1. Bonedead says:

    Yeah I am considering it myself as well. I actually downloaded and installed it already. Played for about 30 minutes one morning this week and gdamn is it an ugly game. Point and click kills me and the lack of WASD movement or even mouse look makes me want to kill myself lol.

    But I can’t give up on it because of that. I plan on getting myself familiarized with the game a tad before the reset, and I’ll give it a shot when it happens.

  2. syncaine says:

    Yup it has not aged well, but then even at release it was not exactly a killer game in terms of looks. The control scheme just takes some getting use to, once you get over the shock of no WASD it works fine.

    I have the same plan btw, just need to get myself familiar with the game again before the reset, and hopefully find a quality guild. Then come reset I can jump right in and really judge SB for what it does best, guild vs guild city PvP.

  3. sandboxCoder says:

    I al;ways thought about giving SB a try but the thought of being bound to a ‘Class’ is not something I look forward too. If I play something not up-to-par with mainstream standards, then it better offer me something really unique like EVE Online did

    There’s some other interesting games bout to enter open beta if you look around that will have looting, item decay, and will be skill-based. I might send you an invite syncaine

  4. syncaine says:

    Yea let me know sandbox, SB is just too old right now to be playable, for me, so I’ll gladly look at some other games.

  5. sandboxCoder says:

    I didnt find a way to email you on the site. So I’ll just post it here:

    checkout site and register for testing. If for some reason you dont here anything just send me an email. Hopefully wordpress shows you my email address.

    I can only state what info is released in the FAQ: its open skill-based, sandboxy, etc.

  6. Pikey says:

    I am just trying it out again myself. It sure isn’t the prettiest game to look at but I have found the pvp to be quite appealing and individually of each toon.

    Everyone is in the same instance witch means you can be in battle at any moment and not running around alone doing the same old thing.

    I find it quite exciting checking track and finding out someone hunting you down.

    I know allot of people that will be there for the reset so I guess I will stick around to check it out.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow if that is your impression of the game then don’t even bother to play. Sb dosen’t want you.

  8. Socrtaes says:

    Its a great game. Mouse look works. And the combat is awesome.

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