New EVE patch lures me back, finally!

A new EVE patch is fast approaching, and it may be the event to trigger my return. Both of my accounts have remained active in terms of training, and both pilots are at or above 15 million skill points, including having trained all but one learning skill to rank 5.

Both pilots are somewhat poor, with about 50 million ISK between them. With all that training, I’m hoping my combat pilot will be able to take his Rohk into level 4 missions and actually get them done. Before my long hiatus, it was a tricky situation, and I just could not bring myself to risking the ship. During all these months of ‘log in, change skill, log out’, I always noted that the public channel for a Corp I was interested in joining has remained very active, and I think with my return I might actually join up. They are somewhat PvP oriented (big plus) but are not involved in heavy Alliance warfare as far as I know.

So the plan is to reduce DoTA time, cut back a little on Civ 4, and log into EVE 1-2 nights a week to either run some missions or get into some PvP. I’ll need to build up the bank roll of my combat pilot, but my miner should be able to help out with that, especially once I get him his Hulk. I can also get a bit more aggressive with his marketing attempts, doing a bit more buying/selling. Up until now, all of his market activity has been aimed at long term growth, selling ammo for high amounts hoping to catch a desperate pilot, and also buying ammo and random parts far below market value. Being more active, I’ll drop the sell price and raise the buy price to get some more volume going.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Rokh in Level 4 missions? That’s what I do. What’s your setup?

  2. syncaine says:

    Guns…? I’ll have to look to be honest, and make some changes as my skills have gone up quite a bit. Active shield tank with 350mm is what I remember.

  3. Crazykinux says:

    Welcome back to EVE mate.

    So, Empyrean Age got the better of you eh?

    I’ve created a Khanid character specifically to have a bit fun with it since my corp, Phoenix Labs, is staying neutral to all factions.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your experience.



  4. Swift Voyager says:

    Welcome back.

    So, the factional warfare patch is bringing you back but you’re not joining the war? You may think about doing like CK and create a newb alt. Then you could at least see all the new interface goodies and read the NPC rollplay mails and stuff. Most of the new things associated with the expansion are only visible if you join the war. I am going to sign up for at least long enough to take it for a test drive.

    Besides, don’t you feel obliged to let all your faithful readers take a few shots at you in Empire space? :)

  5. Bonedead says:

    Please tell me you’re going to give the DAoC Origins server a try when it comes out (Aug/Sept timeframe) Mr. PvP-like-me

    EVE is teh boo compared to DAoC!!!!


  6. Swift Voyager says:

    Oh man. Backstory stuff is really cool. Concord headquarters destroyed. Empire space concord security offline until further notice. Jita is a warzone as traders attempt to escape the system.

    Hehehe, sounds like a good start, but I’ll bet Concord is back online before the server patch is complete. 24 Hours without Concord would be sweeeeeet though. Imagine how many asian isk farmers wouldn’t be able to read the warnings and back story. Empire space would become a miner/hauler slaughterhouse.

  7. Swift Voyager says:

    I repeat: Concord security in Empire space is offline.

    Didn’t you pick a heck of a time to return to Eve last time too? Like right around the time of the windows boot.ini problem?

  8. syncaine says:

    Yup, right around the .ini patch, but it did not effect me. So Concord being offline is a bug I take it? Was planning on logging on tonight for a bit.

  9. Note says:

    Glad you’re back in EVE, Syncaine. Looking forward to some Empyean Age related blogging!

    Conord being “offline” sounds like a continuation of the Yulai station attack story to me. I scanned the downtime news page..

    .. and it seems like the Amarr Navy communications also went offline, putting them in disarray. “CONCORD RESTORES COUNTERTHREAT CAPABILITY” is one of the more recent headlines. The server (including concord) will be as we left it when Tranquility went down with the exception that war, beautiful war, will have broken out.

  10. Swift Voyager says:

    no, concord was only “offline” as part of the storyline while they installed the patch. Concord was back in business before downtime ended. They had a huge story board series of news releases to bridge the gap between pre-patch and post-patch eve. They had invasions and fleet battles with Titans and Motherships between all the major factions. The caldari even invaded gallente space and took Caldari Prime back after all these years.

    I haven’t installed the patch yet because I spent the entire evening messing with a new game for the first time.

  11. Swift Voyager says:

    What’s really funny is that the whole MMO blogging world seems to be concerned about how RvR will work in WAR. Tobold just posted on the subject, for example. He’s worried about population imbalance. Other people are worried about other aspects such as rewarding players fairly for their part in the battles and whether people will really want to play open world PvP.

    With the Empyrian Age expansion, Eve has already introduced RvR, and the way it works is shockingly similar to everything I’ve read about RvR in WAR. I guess we don’t need to wait for WAR to come out in order to answer everyone’s questions and find out if RvR works or not.

  12. J. says:

    I also love my Rokh but since I am only around 12M skill points, I don’t dare most lev4 missions. Tried once and lost a Rokh all too quickly. Painful when the scrammers come out on your ass.

    Just got a Hulk for my alt a few months ago. Very, very sweet. No more worrying about rats in high-sec. They become annoyances. Then I found out I have to worry about some jihad by the Goons on miners’ hulks… idiots.

  13. syncaine says:

    Haha yea got to love the Goons. I believe the Jihad is over though, they are back to fighting BoB.

    That’s also my biggest issue with lvl4 missions, one bad pack of agro and you get scrammed and popped. Very risky when flying 200mil+ of ship/fittings.

  14. J. : The Rokh really needs top of the line Tech II drone skills for those 5 medium drones. They provide the close in defense for those frigs that get you before you can pop them at a distance. Once you have got the drone defense, its a snap.

  15. syncaine says:

    Hmmm interesting about the tech II drones. I’ll have to finish up my training and get those. Are they a huge upgrade over tech I for taking out those damn T2 NPC frigs in level 4 missions? That’s really the only thing that has me worried in those missions, as the Rohk with 350 guns has plenty of firepower to take out everything else.

  16. With decent drone skills and 5 tech II mediums, I rarely get worried about NPC frigs in missions. If my ranged rails doesn’t nail them before they get within 20 klicks, I find my drones kill them every time. And I’ve run a lot of level 4 missions in my 350mm rail Rokh. Cheers!

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