Some thoughts on the PQ feedback.

Reading over some forum posts about WAR and in particular reactions to Public Quests, it’s (not?) surprising how many people are just not picking up on how they work. As with any new feature in an MMO, there is bound to be some confusion, so I’ll try to clear some of it up. Ask away if I don’t cover some aspect that puzzles you.

The first, and seemingly most common complaint is about the reward system. At first it is only natural to be disappointed when you finish first in a PQ, the game tells you that you got a gold medal, and then finish out of the ‘loot bag’ spots and get nothing. If that happens on your first PQ, it’s going to look a little strange and you might feel cheated. This is because the ‘loot bag’ is the instant gratification of a PQ, if you win you get your item right away.

Here is why, after a few PQs, the randomness is not only ok, but actually really important. Over time, you will win your fare share of loot, both because you helped out the most and got the top spot, and also those times when you jump in at stage 3, contribute only a small amount, but get lucky and roll high. If we remove the luck factor, or even limited it too greatly, it would discourage players from jumping into a PQ already in progress, because they would know their chances for loot are so diminished. Part of what makes PQs so special is their inclusive nature. You can show up at almost any time, with any class, at a range of levels, and still help out and get rewarded. Anything that would limit that inclusion would ruin the very nature of the PQ system.

Speaking of rewards, the loot bags are not the only thing you gain while doing a PQ. You are also accumulating influence points, which have three levels per chapter, with each level having a choice of rewards, rewards that are quiet useful compared to quest rewards. Unless you are maxed out on influence for that chapter, you are always getting credit while contributing to a PQ. Third, you are still gaining xp towards leveling, along with the random money/items that mobs may drop, and I have seen PQ mobs drop some very nice ‘world drop’ blues.

The next complaint I’ve seen is that PQs are too easy/hard. They are indeed easy if the PQ is swarming with players, and basically impossible if you only have 2-3 players. The reason this is such an issue right now (during the preview weekend) is that everyone is a noob, playing low level characters that they don’t fully understand. Once the game goes live, and the masses spread out, PQs should be more balanced. One possible issue is how will the lower level PQs be completed once the players outlevel them, but lucky the lower level PQs are overall fairly easy, and will require only a few players to complete. They also scale depending on how many players are in the area. How much they scale is still unknown, but I would think 4-6 players will be able to complete all the early PQs just fine, a number that won’t be too hard to gather regardless of zone population.

Finally I have seen some people complain about confusion during a PQ, particularly during the Empire PQ where you must burn some boats. The PQ does not come right out and smack you over the head with ‘get a torch’, but it’s not like it leaves you out in the cold either. People stating it took them 2-3 attempts before they figured the PQ out are either lying or incredibly slow. If you just put your mouse over the PQ objective on your screen, the little help text tells you exactly what to do, just like for any normal quest. Why so many people are having such issues with this I don’t understand. In addition, that also works for almost anything else in the interface. Scroll over the influence bar and it’s explained, same with the zone control bar at the top right. How is it that people don’t think to scroll over for help with something in 2008? How long has the tooltip been around for now?

One valid complaint, and I believe this is a bug, is the low spawn rate during some PQs. During one of the Greenskin PQs, in which we had to kill 80 sprites, the whole group had to wait around far longer than was necessery due to the fact that the sprites would spawn 2-3 at a time, with a lengthy wait between spawns. I could see people getting upset about that, but again, I think this is more a bug than intentional design, and will hopefully be fixed before launch.

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5 Responses to Some thoughts on the PQ feedback.

  1. Solidstate says:

    > Ask away if I don’t cover some aspect that puzzles you.

    I read on some blog (sorry don’t remember where) that PQs/Open-Groups also applied to instances (dungeons). Is this true? How does it work with the basic idea of “an instance”?

    Side question, you mention people getting “world drops” and/or rewards/drops from mobs while doing the PQ. Is the loot all BoE, BoP, a mix or something else entirely?

    Thanks :)

  2. Bowman says:

    The so-called ‘realm-instanced’ dungeons (I believe they are found in Tier 3 with level requirements from 21-27) are like a giant group-orientend zone inhabitet by champion-level and higher mobs. Everybody of your realm (order or destruction) enter the same instance.

    There are several wings (generally 3), which contain several PQs. These PQs work like outdoor PQs with the addition, that the infuence you gain, will give you access to an instanced 6man-group boss encouter.

    Each wings max-influence will be reached within an hour and two. So you will be doing the PQ with all your realm mates, then you have to group to enter the boss-instance for a matched challenge.

    Once you have beaten each wing and each wing-boss-encouter, you will be granted access to the final boss encounter. This is again a 6man-group instanced encounter.

    For example the final boss encounter in the realm-instanced dungeon ‘Mount Gunbad’, is a giant two-headed ‘Supersquig’. There is a morkain artifact there too. Your group will have to pull the squig away of the artifact, to be able to damage him, but the supersquig enrages after a while. You will have to pull him back to the morkain artifact, to ‘un-enrage’ him. While the squig is near the morkain artifact he is invulnerable to your attack and dishes out massive AoE dmg. Quite the challenge!

    Excuse my poor english, I am of german native tounge. I hope this is helpful anyways.

  3. syncaine says:

    Very helpful, thanks Bowman.

    As for items, quest and PQ loot bag items are BoP, world drop items are BoE (since they are random, and might not be usable by your class), and I believe the ‘broken’ item types are also BoP (since once fixed, the broken item becomes usuable by whatever class fixed it, i.e. If a bright wizard wins the broken item, it will become a wizard staff, while if a warrior priest wins it, it will become a hammer)

    I think the basic design is to keep almost everything BoP, with only the somewhat rare world drop greens/blues/purples being items you would trade/sell. From my somewhat limited experience, the world drops are generally very powerful for there level. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out on live servers with auction houses.

  4. Oakstout says:

    Very well explained. Anyone not being able to figure this out on their own hasn’t played an MMO before. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out. I managed to get a few loot bags myself this past weekend and some items were upgrades and some not. I did score a nice blue item on a mob drop, and I had the chance at a nice purple from a loot bag, althought the green item at the top of that list was better.

    Don’t forget that when you win a loot bag, there are several items in the bag that you get to make your final choice from. Lucky they are listed in order of importance and value, so its easy to figure out what is the best item.

  5. Jorinda says:

    its the most shitty system i’ve ever encounted in ANY game. I’ve done various PQ’s on my warrior priest,i’ve healed like crazy,i’ve killed more mobs than anyone else and i NEVER got ANY look whatsoever. I KNOW i’ve delivered tons of contribution because i was working on the quest when nobody had even arrived yet. Then someone who did basicly squat during the entire quest got placed in the top 3 and won a lootbag while i didn’t win a damn thing. They can remove these PQ’s for all i care,they add nothing,only dissapointment.

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