Warhammer Dwarf starting area, and the heat monster persists.

Aria and I finally got to play some Warhammer open beta last night, and overall had a good time. We created dwarves just for kicks (we will be playing DEs at launch). Ironbreaker for me, Engineer for her, and made it to level 6 before calling it a night.

For starters, the dwarf starting area is great. It’s very ‘dwarfy’, being in a mountain with cannons and booze all around. Said mountain is of course also under siege by Greenskins, and they are running all over the place, giving the starting area a very ‘happening right now’ feel. After a few initial quests, you make it outside, and we got that ‘ah fresh air’ feeling having started underground. Hard to really put it into words, but the pacing of the terrain is well done, and in a very short amount of time you get the sense of progress.

Aria is a huge fan of PQs, and almost immediately after character creation asked when do we get to do one. Having seen a bunch of starting areas, I knew one was generally close, and sure enough it was. What I did NOT expect was how hard the final Hero class mob turned out to be. Hero mobs just have a ton of HP, and our mini-group of 3 (a Runepriest joined us) stood no chance. Once the PQ reset, a few more dwarves joined up, and eventually with a full group we took the boss down, although even then it was not a cakewalk. The PQ itself was fairly basic (most are in the starting areas), one round of kill 20, a round of collect 10, and finally a hero boss mob with 3 adds. Yet while basic, it was still a lot of fun running around and smacking down greenskins.

Maxed out on influence, and with all quests completed, we moved on to Chapter 2, where we did a few quests, found the next PQ, and called it a night. Tonight will be round 2, and hopefully we can far enough to hit the RvR area and perhaps try a scenario.

During our time online, I don’t think we encountered a single ‘stuck’ mob that was invulnerable, something that was fairly common before the last patch. I did however experience my first two crashes, both instant CTD with no error report in Vista. Oddly enough, both happened when I hit release after being killed by the first PQ boss. In all fairness, my comp had been running for a long time, and once I reset it, I had no further issues. Aria’s comp did not crash.

Well actually it did crash, but not because of WAR, but rather that nagging heat issue. I downloaded SpeedFan, and ‘Temp 3′ was reporting stupidly high temperatures (200F+) as soon as a game was launched. The CPU, motherboard, and GPU all reported somewhat normal temps, and after a quick search I could not find what exactly ‘Temp 3′ refers to on an Asus M2N32 SLI Deluxe MB. While clearly SOMETHING is up with the comp, I’m going to try and give it some extra ventilation (it sits under a desk in a corner right now) to see if that helps. The overheating shut down happens after an hour or so of playing WAR, so if I could prevent the heating issue for an extra 30 minutes or an hour, it won’t be much of a problem. Otherwise if the problem persists (or gets worse), it will have to go back to the shop. Anyone deal with anything similar, and have any suggestions? The comp is dust free, has a new GPU (Nvidia 9600 GT), plenty of case fans, and the CPU just got new putty and it’s heatsink cleaned.

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  1. Mikejl says:

    I also run Vista and have a 9600GT (1GB vram) I have a cheap PCChips (not sure model) mobo with a Core 2 3Ghz dual core and 4GB DDR2 800. I’ll try to download SpeedFan see if it works and what it reports.
    First preview weekend I had lots of CTD. However since last big patch I have had no CTDs in PW= and open beta.

    I’m a destruction (Greenskin) fan, however I love the Dwarf area also. Engineer is lots of fun also.

  2. syncaine says:

    Well the Vista system is an Alienware comp, zero hardware issues with that. Actually zero issues total with it, very happy with Alienware in that regard.

    Aria’s comp is the one with XP and the 9600 GT. It’s a 2 year old ABS computer with an Athlon FX-2 dual core, 2 gigs of DDR2 (I think) ram.

  3. p@tsh@t says:

    Compares very well with my experiences to date. Have you noticed more stuck mob issues on Destro than Order?

    I was getting quite a few in PQs near the Chaos Chapter 1 PQs.

  4. syncaine says:

    Well the last patch aimed to fix the stuck mob issue, and I’m assuming it did since we did not encounter it last night. It was all over before that. I’ll know more tonight though.

  5. Your Powersupply , thats what is causing the issues..

    answer me this , does the computer just SHUT OFF , all of a suden ?
    does it last longer when there is a fan or open side ? but still shut off all of a sudden ?

    Send me a email , I’ll be your tech guy , love helping people out with hardware, Trust me I don’t just know my stuff i’ve done this kinda hard to troubleshoot issues for 10 years now

    Send me a email SerpentDrago AT gmail.com

  6. Rog says:

    This has been my complaint with WAR so far, that the Public Quests are a lot of fun IF you have a fair sized population in the area. Jumping in and out of PQs with ease is a large part of the fun, if I have to assemble a group of 6+ beforehand it might as well be a regular group quest.

    So much fun on Sunday with big crowds in the starting areas, but now? Smaller groups get stomped in the Champion & Hero stages of each PQ. =(

    I’m hoping this is just because Beta players are quick to move on, eager to see other stuff and all that. Maybe everyone else has moved on to the second tier?

  7. sid67 says:

    Smaller groups get stomped in the Champion & Hero stages of each PQ. =(

    In my experience, the small groups do fine as long as they don’t treat Stage II and III like they did Stage I. For the most part, the Stage II mobs take at least two people to kill. There are a few classes that can solo them, but most can’t. So my advice is that you go find a buddy and beat on whatever they are beating on. Stage III requires either a really big group, someone healing or preferably multiple tanks. A small group of DPS only is going to get destroyed at Stage III.

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