Mythic employee Tobold talks WAR

Tobold, Mr. I’m kind of a big deal official media source and Mythic shill blogger, has an opinion piece about WAR. He is wrong, of course, but what do we expect from a total sellout. (insert random Darkfall comment, followed by something about an upcoming game with a cute feature list it won’t deliver)

In all seriousness (because the above was a joke, in case anyone gets confused), it’s a solid writeup. I did like the little “I like the PvP, so you won’t” part, as it references back to the difference between ‘impact PvP’ and ‘afk grind PvP’. As far as I can tell, WAR falls somewhere between the two. It’s certainly not UO/SB/EVE ‘winner take all’ PvP, but it’s also far from the ‘afk to win’ PvP of WoW. In the long run, I think that will work out for WAR and it’s fans. While you won’t have the uber epic PvP moments that come from ‘impact PvP’, it will be something that keeps people logging in and playing, something that will keep us fighting at least in part just to fight, without the massive downtime that ‘impact PvP’ requires.

So while I’m generally all for games with ‘impact PvP’, I think I’ll enjoy the somewhat more casual pacing of WAR. I’m guessing that between RvR areas, scenarios, keep sieges, and ultimately the campaign ending capital city events , I’ll have plenty of solid PvP content.

Plus EVE is always around, in case the ‘impact PvP’ itch strikes me.

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3 Responses to Mythic employee Tobold talks WAR

  1. sid67 says:

    the uber epic PvP moments that come from ‘impact PvP’

    This makes me sad a bit. The RvR battlefields I have participated in have been fun, but they also wore thin after about an hour because it doesn’t feel like that much progress is made. But on the other hand, such PvP also means that someone has to lose — and no one likes losing all the time.

    Fun = Win for most people. In my experience, when people lose 50% of their battles they think they lose all the time. They don’t realize that they also win 50% of the time. The need to win better than 50% to start feeling good about it. So if things are exactly equal, no one feels good about it. Obviously, the issue is that if it’s unequal then the other part of your player base has to lose all the time in order to make that work. That’s not fun. So what’s a game dev supposed to do?

    This is why it feels like WAR is taking the approach to make things “seem” like you are win more often than perhaps you are winning. You can win a battlefield objective, but not the WAR. And the consequences of losing aren’t so bad that it feels painful.

    I do hope that the higher levels provide a bit more sting or at least permanence to your victories. The city siege and takeovers seem like they will offer this a bit more than other RvR seems to provide. I’m hopeful that what I have seen thus far is intended to be a lot more temporary because the zones are not intended to be played in for long periods of time. Why have a lasting PvP effect in a zone that only lasts a few short levels?

  2. Ryan says:

    Syn you once raved that WAR will be the one to provide deep/solid/hardcore and “impact” PVP, now as we are getting closer to release and it doesn’t seem that way, are you disappointed?

  3. syncaine says:

    Disappointed… hmm not really. I mean I knew WAR was not going to have UO/EVE style PvP. I was expecting DAoC, and that’s basically what we have, just with better systems.

    Plus who really knows how much of an impact razing a capital city will have. It could be as meaningless as losing a scenario, or it could be an ‘oh shit we just lost access to the best dungeons, and the enemy just got a lot stronger, and guild x just became server rockstars, and we hate those guys’. During my raiding days, even though it was all PvE, my guild still ‘competed’ for server firsts with other guilds, and that kept us grinding away. Perhaps that kind of motivation, but with the ability to actually stop the other side, will influence WAR guilds. If it does, and both sides feel they can actually influence things in a meaningful (not 3am raid) way, that might be enough ‘impact’ to have it matter.

    Now granted, in a perfect world, I would like WAR to be closer to UO in terms of looting and player consequences, but I know that’s a pipe dream, and not something that would get WAR the player base it wants.

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