Slow down, learn to play nice, and actually enjoy the game.

As Warhammer Online continues to mature, players are learning the game and figuring out what they prefer to do in-game. The current ‘flavor of the month’ seems to be mass scenario spamming, with players queuing and re-queuing over and over to rank up as fast as possible. While sitting in that queue, they complain that the only viable content in WAR seems to be scenarios…

I’ve played MMOs long enough to understand some players will do whatever activity yields the greatest reward, even if that activity is beyond mind numbing. Some people are just there to ‘max out’; it’s what drives them and anything that might delay that (like having fun) is a roadblock. You don’t really design an MMO around that crowd though, as regardless of the content, they will burn through it and demand more, all the while looking towards the next shiny new game making promises.

The problem with that crowd is that early in a MMO’s life, they set the pace and influence the rest of the player base. Joe Casual sees a Rank 40 run by, finds out that player just played scenarios for 16 hours a day, and thinks they need to queue at all times in order to keep up (not knowing that regardless of what he actually does, Joe will never actually catch the hardcore player) In our race to stay current and not fall behind, we often sacrifice fun and playing the game WE like to play, which is rather silly. Extra silly if the stuff you are skipping happens to be some really great MMO content, ie: Public Quests.

The common knock on public quests is that without a group you can’t do them, and that it’s too difficult to actually find a group. Now unless I’m playing the game with the world’s greatest ‘find a group’ luck, I just don’t think that’s true. What is true is often enough, if you stumble across a PQ, odds are you won’t find a group right there at the PQ ready and waiting for you. Sometimes you do, but often you won’t. But just because the group is not there waiting for you does not mean PQs are ‘the sux’ and you need to go back to grinding scenarios. Building a PQ group might take a bit of time and some patience. Make a call to your guild, hopefully you get a few members that way. Look for other open groups, or start your own, and slowly build a group up while questing or completing phase 1 of a PQ. More often than not (unless you are trying this at 3am, or have greatly out-Ranked the server) you will eventually get enough people to actually finish a PQ. Try to keep the group together, convert it into a warband, and let it grow. Knock off as many PQs as you have time for, you will be surprised how quickly PQs go with a group going from one PQ to another.

As Warhammer Online is still relatively new, players are still learning not only the game mechanics, but also the game’s social structure. WoW has taught us to have a group ready for an instance, and if you don’t have one already, don’t bother. That’s just not the case for WAR, as groups can grow at a more modest pace and still be successful. You can do some RvR objectives with 2-4 people, and if you get 5-6, hit up some PQs. Get 12+, take back a Keep. Every zone has PQs, objectives, and Keeps (beyond tier 1), so you always have content around you, just be smart and learn how best to access it, rather than jumping on the current trend and keeping yourself away from the game world for 90% of the time.

Most importantly, remember that the ‘good stuff’ starts at Rank 1 in WAR, not at the level cap. Don’t feel the pressure to max out and get to the ‘real game’, because otherwise you will miss most of it in the rush.

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  1. AW says:

    There is a lot of truth here. Well said.

  2. joggoms says:

    Glad to hear you are having better luck than I am. I rolled Order so I could do more PVPing and don’t get me wrong, I love the almost instant scenario queues, but that does get boring and I like to take a break and do some stuff in the game world. Lately, I’ve been having a really hard time finding groups for PQs or open RVR though. Yesterday, in about an hour of play I never managed to find more than 2 other people to help with a PQ and of course that wasn’t nearly enough. To make matters worse, we had to watch Destruction roll through their side of the quest with 6-8 players! :(

    So I went back to scenarios…I wonder if you have to play Destruction to fully enjoy the non-scenario content and Order to maximize scenarios. What do you think? Am I oversimplifying or just QQing?

  3. This game is absolutely brimming with excellent PVE content. I’ve let my Renown Rank fall behind as I’ve just gone from one zone to another drinking it all in. It’s a shame but I’m usually the only one too that I ever see doing the quests.

    The same ones that power-queue scenarios all day long are probably the same ones that say the PVE content in WAR sucks.

  4. syncaine says:


    If you can get 2-3 people together, you can usually finish the standard (not difficult) PQs of a previous chapter. Perhaps while doing those PQs, you will pick up another 1-2 people, and then you can go back to your current chapter and complete those PQs. Not ideal, but still really fun. You might not get the ‘uber loot’ from the bags, but in WAR that really does not matter all that much.

    They will nerf scenarios shortly though, and that should bring more people out and into the world. The major fault of scenarios is that they pull players out of the game world and away from the open group mechanic. Even if you moved everyone out of a scenario and into an RvR lake, at least those players would show up for open groups.

  5. Hudson says:

    Outdoor RVR cannot be that hard to get into. Usually with a good guild and fun players you can get a group and go take objectives on the map, and eventually Destro players will show up to defend. Again, players need to be active, not have the content handed to them

  6. JoBildo says:

    @ Hudson: Something players need to learn all over in WAR. In WoW, things like RvR didn’t exist. I think the love of Battlegrounds is sadly ruling the early days of WAR. If Mythic implements better reasons to enjoy open RvR in each tier, and maybe deincentivizes (is that a word?) the scenarios a bit, it’ll naturally start to flow more into open RvR.

    People need to realize that if “Hey, there’s no one in Marshes of Madness’ RvR lake!” that it doesn’t mean you should avoid it. What it means is that you should gather some people and go out there and stir up some sh*t.

    On Averheim, until Mythic implements of a faction channel (god I hope they do), use /chan Order to communicate with your whole realm (or at least those in the channel) and don’t be askeered to ask your guild or passersby to go out and take some Battlefield Objectives or a Keep if you can get enough.

    It’s not hard. It’s just not handed to you.

  7. To be fair to my fellow gamers I would have to say that many of them (myself included) are there for the pvp. Personally, if I run alot of scenarios I do it because I enjoy it. In fact I will be writing a bit about this today. There are many scenarios I have laughed the whole time through just blasting myself and my enemies into the lava at the same time.

    Also, to be fair to those who have pointed out the failings in public quests (as wonderful an idea as they are) it is difficult to get a group together for them at times. Many players simply end up running the first and second levels through to max out the influence and if no one comes around by then move on to something else.

    In the end, if someone wants to rush to the level cap and the end game that isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just the way they chose to play.

    Julie Whitefeather

  8. Themaster says:

    Playing on the Destruction side on Thogrim, I would have to say that up to this point, our scenario queue times haven’t ever been too long. In fact, it’s been my experience so far that a little bit of time between scenario queus is perfect in that you have time to go out and experience the PvE side of the game and/or cap a few open world RvR objectives.

    As for the PQ groups, I have to agree with Syncaine 100% on the way a group slowly comes together. Generally, we have a group of around 3 (all guildies) that starts out on a PQ or open world RvR objective and, after a brief amount of time, our group has grown to 7-8 players. Even if you only have 4-5 in your group, I haven’t found a PQ yet that can’t be done so long as you’re in a Chapter that’s around your rank level. Perhaps it changes in higher tiers (I have only done Chaos Chap 1-7 PQs thus far).

    The one thing I will say is that it seems a large number of players don’t really understand the open group concept at this point. Many times we only get a player to join up with our PQ group by asking them, despite the fact that our group is listed as an open group and we’re both working on the same PQ side by side.

  9. Werit says:

    Games are what the players make of them.

  10. Thallian says:

    Great advice. Keeping up with the Joneses is a fallacy that never made anyone happy. Being the best “you” you can be on the other hand will.

  11. Bonedead says:

    I blame WoW!

    We gotsta learn ta socialize!

  12. p@tsh@t says:

    @Themaster: Good point about lack of familiarity with open group mechanics. I’ll add a couple of other complicating factors:

    Ordinarily, if you wander solo into an area, a notice briefly flashed telling you of open groups in the area and/or you can click the button on your avatar to see open groups in your area.

    If you are in a group, you can’t see other groups in your area (or if you can, I’m oblivious to how). So if you are grouped with a couple of guildies that want to queue as a group for scenarios, you’re unable to see other groups in your area which you might choose to join with for PQs etc..

    So surfing back and forth between PvE, PQ and Scenarios is, ironically, a bit tough if you have a group (full or otherwise).

    I’d love to see folks automatically join a default warband whenever they trek through a PQ area, same for open world RvR.

    And, lets face it, while open grouping is cool, its only half of the equation. Peeps still need a way to LFG to get stuff started.

  13. Mornazh says:

    Doesn’t the need to actively gather a group for a PQ defeat their whole purpose? If I want to spend my time running around finding people who want to run the same content as me then why wouldn’t I play WoW which at least has a moderately decent LFG tool.

  14. syncaine says:

    WoW has a LFG tool? Really? And how useful is that tool for anything pre-70? Last I checked, the PUG scene in WoW was really booming…

    Anyway, my biggest complaint currently is you can’t view other open groups while in a group, ESPECIALLY since you can merge groups into a warband. I’m sure this will be changed shortly, just like the scenario ‘queue for all’ thing was. Just no reason for it. When I play with Aria, we are grouped, and I would love to see other groups so we could tack on and finish PQs or join up for some RvR.

  15. Themaster says:

    To Mornazh:

    I wouldn’t say that the need to take a little bit of an active approach to putting together a PQ group defeats their purpose. Especially given the fact that, at least in my experience, you’re only actively including the people you run into once you’re in the PQ area and/or tossing out a quick shout in the general channel to let everyone know there’s a PQ group together for “X” Chapter PQs. Everyone else is passively joining the group, finding out what PQ the group is doing and heading over to help. No “running around” is really necessary. If anything, all of this is going on while you’re progressing through Stage 1 of a PQ itself.

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  17. Chappo says:

    Good post, but although what you are saying about PQs might be true I think there it is something to do with the game. At any one time there are 9 PQs that you could do (3 for each chapter in each zone) and everyone is spread across those 9. And if you want to get a group then they would have to be an equal or lower level to probably do the PQ. If they are higher lvl then they would probably want to do a more advanced PQ in the next chapter. I would rather have to fight for kills in a PQ then only be able to grind through the first stage of ‘kill 150 greenskins’ then wait for it to reset because I can’t get a grp, then repeat it. Merge some servers people!

  18. guy grimland says:

    Just one point. True, is sounds reasonable to gather your friends and do some PQ. A slow process, but still a valid one. as a casual player (married with full time job), I have to say that i can’t wait for more people to show up to a PQ. With kids and work, i don’t have time. i try to play at evening for 2-3 hours. When i try to form a group for PQ i end up with no luck after 10-25 min. Therefore, i just do scenarios. However, you can’t do them for long, so i log off. Basically, i think that with current state of the game (players are drawn to do scenarios), WAR won’t be a MMO for casual/semi casual player. That’s a shame. Not to mention that i just can’t put myself doing PVE when the XP from scenarios is much bigger at a specific set of time.

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