My thoughts on BlizCon? Pay only $3 and find out below!

BlizCon has come and gone, leaving behind a whirlwind of… microtransactions?

Yes, it would seem the company raking in the cash with WoW intends to go the way of the asian and charge you a few cents/dollars for useless crap, or perhaps even better, make you pay for stuff to compete. LFG “must have $3 sword and $8 armor set, pst” “Onyxia attunement, now only $2!”

In addition to confirming microtransactions in WoW, Bliz also announced you get to buy StarCraft 2 three times to get the full game. The spin? It’s going to be ‘better’ content if they make you buy it three times. What’s next, five different versions of Diablo 3, so they can make each class ‘better’ for the sucker… err customer? The monthly fee for access is right around the corner…

As I’ve said before, I love Blizzard games. Rock and Roll Racing was fantastic, and basically every game since has as well, up to about the time WoW added space aliens and said ‘F the lore, here are some shinies’. I can’t help but think the recent merger with Activison (and becoming a publicly traded company) has had a strong influence in this recent ‘bleed them dry’ approach. At some point, it’s going to backfire, and Blizzard will go from a ‘must buy’ name to a ‘must avoid’ company, in much the same way people avoid games with heavy DRM software (hi Spore). At that point though, most of the top executives will have sold all their shares, and will be looking at another name to scoop up and pillage, leaving behind a husk of a company and plenty of angry gamers.

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5 Responses to My thoughts on BlizCon? Pay only $3 and find out below!

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Well, what Blizzard said was pretty vague. If they decide to sell game affecting equipment, they will break the game, but it is a little early to assume that is the plan.

  2. syncaine says:

    It’s never too early to assume in the blog world!

    But really, if the bean counters see that they can sell in-game items to players for tons of cash, you really think someone is going to step up and say ‘for the sake of the game, lets just continue selling non-combat pink ponies’?

  3. Wilhelm2451 says:

    My thoughts on the “if you’re not growing, then you’re dying” mentality of Wall Street has been stated in the past. It is asinine.

    But to assume that somehow the accountants won’t take the word of the people who have been responsible for success so far is too much of a stretch. If that were the case, Blizzard would not have spent so much time and money fighting the RMT gold trade, they would have just started selling gold. There is a proven market for that!

  4. syncaine says:

    Well as is the market of banned accounts re-upping. Without knowing the full in and out details, its impossible to say which method makes you more money over time.

    But the major difference between then and now, is that now Blizzard has to meet numbers quarterly, with big-wigs looking over just the numbers and asking for more. Before that, as long as Bliz was profitable, they continued to operate. If D2 and were released today, under the ownership of Activision, would the price still be $50 and unlimited access to, with free patches created years after release?

  5. Wilhelm2451 says:

    When you are the market leader your focus becomes maintaining that lead and protecting your market share. The rules around that tend to restrict your changes as opposed to inviting crazy new schemes with questionable incremental benefit and very likely damage to the product.

    While I agree with “suits = different mentality” I cannot wholesale buy into your line of logic where “suits = complete idiots.”

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