Keep capture, gold bag, and a new goal.

My renown rank (rr) is horribly behind my character rank (r) in Warhammer Online, sitting currently at 17rr, 26r. This is mostly due to how I’ve been playing so far, staying out of the scenario grind and completing tons of PQs and quests. Odd that in a game with such great RvR, I’ve had trouble pulling myself away from PvE…

Up until last night, my RR trailing my rank has largely been a non-issue. Sure I’m missing out on some renown-point fueled stat increases, and I can’t purchase renown gear as quickly, but neither of those has been a huge motivator to go out and really work on my renown. Again, that was until last night. Logging in, I noticed four keeps in Tier 3 were Order controlled, including two in the Dark Elf area I was currently in. Noticing 5-6 players in the warcamp, I figured why not try and take the closest Keep back, at worst we will get a good fight from Order and earn some xp/renown.

Forming the warband with Forsaken and CoW, it took perhaps 10-15 minutes for the warband to completely fill up and everyone to arrive. Siege weapons ready, we stormed out of the warcamp and began working on the outer gate of the keep. With little resistance, the door soon fell and on to the next we went. Again Order only had a few defenders, and again the door fell. Storming up the stairs, we were able to control the lord and his guards, bringing them all down eventually. Thanks to the recent boost to keep chests, three gold bags and a bunch of greens were available, and I was lucky enough to score a top 3 roll. My options from the gold bag were an epic helm (rank 29), some blue gloves, and a blue Devastator set chest piece. While the stats on the chest piece are only slightly above average, the set bonus is amazing, and I could not pass it up.

Which brings me back to the original dilemma. In order to wear the Devastator set, I not only need a higher rank, but a much higher renown rank. (25rr to use the item) Looks like it’s time to shift my focus a bit, and go renown hunting. A nice mix of scenarios and capturing Objectives should do it, and it never hurts to be around for a zone control flip, since that gives a nice 1000+ renown point bonus. Hopefully I hit renown rank 25 before I hit rank 30, that’s my short term goal.

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5 Responses to Keep capture, gold bag, and a new goal.

  1. H00LiGAN says:

    I had noticed that you hit gold on the first keep last night. That’s really cool. I’ve had the Devastator Boots forever and they only require rr 23 which I’m finally getting close to.
    Scenarios really are the best way to lvl up rank and rr, but they become boring if you do too many in a row.

    BTW H00LiGAN = Muadeng

  2. syncaine says:

    Ah Muadeng, got ya. People really need to use consistent names for blogs/games/posting. How else can anyone keep up…

    That was a fun night, even if we did just roll all 4 keeps zerg style. Forsaken scored 3 gold bags actually, as both Drek and Master got one as well.

  3. sid67 says:

    Nine levels is a pretty big delta in RR to Career Rank. My Bright Wizard ranks are pretty close, but my AM has been as many as 5 levels difference and is currently sitting about 3 ranks back. I gained the most ground in T4 when the amount of renown per scenario goes from 1000 RP at most to 1000 RP at a minimum.

    I think the problem that you will run into is that you will outlevel the Devastator set before you get your RR anywhere near what you need to wear it.

    This is one of my gripes actually. It’s too hard to earn RR relative to Career Rank. If you do pretty much anything besides Scenarios then your RR falls too far back. I think they should ease up on how quickly you level RR from levels 1 to 30 (possibly 40) so that people don’t feel penalized for doing something other than Scenarios.

  4. syncaine says:

    Yea I was afraid of that. My only thought is if I capture a ton of objectives, the renown bonus for those is quite nice compared to the minimal amount of xp you gain. Not a perfect solution, but perhaps with a bit of focus it could work. The other thing is, at 26/17, it takes a tiny amount of renown to go up ranks, while it takes a decent amount of xp to rank up, so hopefully that will help out as well.

    Hopefully rank30/rr25 is doable for me, we will see.

  5. Bonedead says:

    I’m pretty sure you get a higher % of Renown XP than Rank XP in Scenarios. What I do is a lot of quests, then catch my RR up doing Scenarios, then quest some more, then scenario to catch up. It works out pretty good for me. I mean yeah Scenarios get boring, but for someone that isn’t very social like myself, it is nice to keep repeating them to see who on your team is good and who is as in to PvP as I am so that when I see them out of Scenarios I can /cheer at them for being heroes of our realm.

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