Quick Heavy Metal thoughts.

Heavy Metal, Warhammer’s second live event, when um… live yesterday. What that basically means is we have a new scenario to play, along with quick daily tasks to complete in order to gain early access to the two new tank classes coming out in December.

My initial thought was ‘weee, a scenario…’, but Reikland Factory is actually very impressive. It has a close quarters feel while allowing for a multitude of attack points and travel routes. It plays very fast, matches lasting between 5-10 minutes, and the two sides colliding early and often. The scoring system is also interesting, in that the center control point grants more points when it is captured, but less points over time, making it a good target to attack, but not something you can just hold and win. Early strategy seems to involve controlling the outer points while fighting skirmishes over the middle. Also of interest is that one of the outer points is placed very close to both sides spawn point, making it a hotspot for combat.

The event works well for me, since I’m trying to catch my renown rank up, and scenarios are a great way to do that, so I’ll be seeing Reikland early and often.

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3 Responses to Quick Heavy Metal thoughts.

  1. Snafzg says:

    Reikland Factory is absolutely amazing. Seriously, they took the best parts of all their scenarios and put it into one!

    Of note, I’ve fought three matches total and the score difference in all three was never more than a 50 point spread. That means huge XP for all! ;)

  2. syncaine says:

    Odd, 2 of the 4 I played were 500-50, one for Destro and one for Order. The other 2 were closer though.

    What I love is the use of 3D. Defending means you have to watch all directions, including below and above you. Very unique and very cool. Also cool is the dock area, with the flag on the walkway above and being able to hide below it. Fun little details that actually matter.

  3. Snafzg says:

    Indeed! I’ll be recording a short video of my escapades tonight (tried last night by the lag was horrible – I think it was on my end), taking some screenshots, and writing up a little post about it tomorrow. Finally, something I can get excited about in WAR. :P

    Actually, both Live Events have gotten me more interested in WAR than I ever have been. Let’s hope they have one of these planned every month or so to sustain interest! :P

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