Some quick thoughts on WAR’s 1.2 patch notes.

The Warhammer Online patch notes for 1.2 are now available; if you have a few hours to spare check all 55 pages out. Its jaw-dropping how many changes are set to go in, the new systems being added, and just how much the crafting has been revamped. All that plus a boatload of career balance changes and overall RvR refinement. All this work while WAR has already had its share of live events, previous patches, two careers added, two more set to go in shortly, and the whole RvR dungeon/zone planned for release in a few months. Say what you want, but you have to give Mythic credit for the amount of effort they are pouring into WAR right now.

I’m not going to go over all 55 pages of the notes, but I do want to point out a few of my personal highlights. First up is the zone domination system.

* To earn a Domination Point from a Battlefield Objective, it must be owned by your realm for 30 minutes.

* To earn a Domination Point from a Keep, it must be claimed by a Guild and then held for 2 hours.

*If you lose control of a Battlefield Objective or Keep at any time, you lose the Domination Point.

This will be interesting, as two hours sounds like a rather lengthy amount of time, yet will also place a HUGE emphasis on defending your guilds keep. An hour or so of pre-lock keep capture, then a final objective push to lock the zone. At least if your alliance wants to lock a zone, they don’t have to rely on random scenario losses hurting your cause. Hopefully the end result of the system is a faster campaign, with more zone and fortress locks occurring through the week.

* RvR Hotspot icons will now scale based on the size of the battle. The tooltip has also been clarified to give an indication of how big the battle actually is. Hotspots will also be displayed on the racial pairing view and campaign UI tracker.

Finally, those battle icons will actually be useful. The map functionality in WAR has a lot of potential, but currently is a major hit/miss due to bugs or outdated information. Once it’s functioning at a level to really be relied on, it will be a huge tool for organizing RvR and getting everyone to the fight quicker.

* The Zone Control Bar can now be clicked to provide more details on each Zone Control Pool, including each contributing system, and who is winning the battle for each. This will tell you what your realm still needs to accomplish in order to conquer the zone!

This is huge. Finally players looking to seriously push a zone will know exactly what they need to focus on to move things along. With this in place, it will be interesting to see whether the system itself is the problem, or the lack of information about the system. Perhaps sending players to complete a PQ or scenario won’t be as painful if the players know exactly how many they need to complete.

* Public Quests will now always be displayed on the map even if the Tome of Knowledge Unlock for the Public Quest hasn’t been unlocked yet.

A nice change, this will give those out-of-the-way PQs some love, and make organizing and moving from PQ to PQ much easier. Hopefully this also fixes the bug that was not showing the PQ location on the map even after you had discovered it. The PQs themselves are great content when you have a group, so anything to help get players into those groups and to the PQs is a good step forward.

* Warband members will now show up on the minimap and zone maps.

Thank god. Another major step forward to helping players get organized and to the correct location in RvR. This change alone will go a long way to reduce the general confusion that currently plagues RvR.

* Characters that are in a party or warband and are disconnected from the game will have their spot in the party saved.

This is nice, as nothing was more annoying than having someone crash or disconnect in a full warband, and have that spot taken before they logged back in. It’s a small change, but the small changes overall add up.

I’ve yet to really go over the class changes, other than to notice that the DoK got buffed for healing, and that the WE career did not get as nerfed as some expected, especially if the changes to kisses now allows them to crit. Of course we will know a lot more once this patch is on test. Finally, as much as I dislike playing alts, it’s going to be tough not rolling a Choppa and seeing all of the greenskin zones fully. The greenskins are one of the more unique and entertaining races, so I’m looking forward to immerse myself in that.

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10 Responses to Some quick thoughts on WAR’s 1.2 patch notes.

  1. Grimjakk says:

    Tasty, tasty patch notes. I agree that just showing more information on the VP pool status and warband positions is much more important a change than it might seem on the surface.

    The Capture system is pretty complex, with contributions coming from all over. It was designed so that an overmatched realm might have a chance of defending itself, but the lack of transparency caused a lot of confusion and frustration.

    The Domination system gives an organized alliance a way to “brute force” a lock, but an overmatched Realm can still interfere with hit-and-run BO captures.

    So both systems run in parallel… but much more transparently.

    I like. =)

  2. It’s a really strong patch.

    The domination is going to be very interesting, with some good organisation required to defend those BOs in the 30 minutes. Having to defend 5 BOs to 30 minutes, will spread the zerg thin. With rapid response in support from groups holding nearby BOs.

    It has required a good couple of reads to get it all in.

  3. Bonedead says:

    I have returned to WAR!

  4. Swift Voyager says:

    Okay, looking into my crystal ball I see:

    Someone is looking at 55 pages of patch notes. Reads them all, twice, then makes an angry ragequit post on the forum because some bug wasn’t mentioned.

    Sounds almost as big as the patch coming for Eve, but real men don’t make patch notes so it’s hard to tell which is bigger. :P

  5. syncaine says:

    Correct on point one, although I always question the actual act of quitting. I would think most of those post are just attention-whores looking for QQ support. If someone is going to quit, how sick do you have to be to actually go to that games forum and let everyone know about it, especially if you don’t intend to keep checking back.

    CCP does not release patch notes? I don’t get the final part…

  6. Micah S says:

    As predicted I think perhaps 90% of order players on WHA stopped reading at the Fetch nerf. The other 10% stopped reading to post about how WH got nerfed.

    On Destro side the bitching seems to be emanating most strongly from Chosen for some reason I fail to understand.

    In addition, general rageqq about the ‘cast lag bug’, which bug I have never seen, being left out. Someone should explain that to me sometime.

  7. syncaine says:

    The cast ‘bug’, as I understand it (also never noticed it), is that during big battles, the server lags, and spells that take 1-2 seconds to cast look like they take 5-20 seconds to cast and finish. Basically a healer has to stand still FAR longer before he can move, or his spell gets canceled. Again, never noticed this myself.

    As far as fetch goes, its a major crutch for WL right now, and while I think the nerf won’t be quite as harsh once all is said and done and this patch goes live, it was still needed. How exactly the Marauder buff will play out is something to watch as well.

  8. Swift Voyager says:

    well, they haven’t released “patch notes” yet on this expansion, and there’s already pieces of it on the test server. I was mainly just joking though.

    I probably shouldn’t say this, but comparing what you said about the patch notes to your post about forum trolls and blaming game design problems, there seems to be some inconsistency. Some of your points are negated by your comments here in regard to how much help the new changes will be in certain aspects of the game. So, if these design changes will help alleviate the problems that people are complaining about, then were they right? Did the complaints actually help Mythic decide to do something to help? I’m just looking at what you’ve written. I don’t really have an opinion on the subject either way, but you seem to have caught a bit of fan-itis. :)

  9. syncaine says:

    Help in which ways, the organization stuff? My comments here reflect the fact that currently its tough to get large groups of people to the correct location, that being where the enemy is. The city siege is fairly straight forwards since… well the city does not move.

    I guess I need a more specific example here.

  10. Swift Voyager says:

    Well, in the post about forum whines, you blame the players who don’t know how to get into groups and be in the right place at the right time. They blame game design and generally say that it sucks.

    In this post, you clearly state that there are several changes that will help people figure out what they are supposed to be doing and get to the right place at the right time.

    “hopefully the end result of the system is a faster campaign, with more zone and fortress locks”

    “Once it’s functioning at a level..huge tool for organizing RvR..”

    “perhaps sending players.. if the players know exactly how many they need to complete”

    “the PQ are great content when you have a group, so anything to help players get into those groups..”

    “Thank god, another major step forward to helping players get organized.. will go a long way towards reducing the general confusion that currently plagues..”

    “nothing was more annoying than having someone crash or disconnect in a full warband”

    Those are design problems, and it doesn’t sound unreasonable for people to express their feelings on the forums when there are such problems. The comments I quoted from you here, are in direct opposition to what you said in the previous post about people complaining.

    “The post is not stating that a siege is perfect, but how is any of the above a design error..”

    No? Yes? Maybe?

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