Congress: QQ more noobz

“We have legislation here now with the money to do something about the schools, do something about water and sewage along that corridor in these 12 counties. And now the governor says, ‘I don’t want to accept the money.’ That’s why I called this an insult, that’s why I said this is a slap in the face, because a majority of those counties are, in fact, inhabited by African-Americans,” (South Carolina Rep. James) Clyburn said on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

Well now, clearly someone has been reading MMO class forums. Maybe Clyburn plays a Witch Elf and was thinking about the 1.2 patch when he was on with Wolf… I wonder if ‘slap in the face’ gets the same reaction in Congress that it does on forums. Think anyone showed him an ascii Picard?

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12 Responses to Congress: QQ more noobz

  1. Wilhelm2451 says:

    Our Governor said he’d be happy to take any money that other states refused. Ah-nald the pragmatist.

  2. ShadowWAR says:

    How awesome would that be if our reps in Congress held up big ascii posters and jeered each other with forum terminology? Every now and then we would see one wearing a lolCat tee-shirt…

  3. Swift Voyager says:

    Someone should check the congressional spam filters. There seems to be quite a bit of spam in that stimulus bill. Maybe they should just hire a good moderator, but then we’d have to figure out a way to ban senators who post off-topic spending items in every bill.

    If a game company forum worked like the bill creation process, then all the forum trolls, gold farmers, and viagra sellers would be able to tell the game designers how to make the game, and any game feature could be added or changed by anyone at any time, right up to minutes before release date. Then every citizen in the country would be required to finance the game but nobody would be allowed to find out what the game is about, how it works, or who is going to receive the profits from it. If it in fact loses money or even never gets published, then the game company still gets paid though.

  4. Swift Voyager says:

    P.S. I live in South Carolina. The problem with using stimilus money to hire new teachers and police is that there won’t be any money to pay them next year, and the counties in question already mis-manage more money per capita than other counties in the state. That’s why they are failing, and most people don’t believe it’s good to throw more money at people who are already wasting too much of it.

  5. shadowwar says:

    Wait Swift? You mean it’s okay to let the inept fail/go bankrupt/lose their homes?


  6. Tesh says:

    The problem with stimulus money is that forced charity isn’t really charity, propping up bubbles is idiotic, and Keynesian economics are what caused the mess in the first place.

    Congresscritters are fun to watch go all self-righteous, though. It’s like reality TV, but with newscasters doing the fan thing instead of bloggers.

  7. Grimjakk says:

    The only problem with that “Reality TV” is the money they’re throwing around is my kid’s… y’know. The money he was gonna be paying to keep me surrounded by cute nurses in a plush retirement home? And don’t get me started on the idea that the Feds get to decide on my medical treatment and can fine my doctor if he goes beyond their “recomendations”.

    (Check it out. That last part is really in there.)

  8. Beau says:

    And I thought *I* tried to connect real life and MMO’s! :)


  9. Swift Voyager says:

    @Shadowwar: Who here is talking about anyone going bankrupt or losing a home? Our Governor is only talking about federal money for things we can’t afford to maintain later, and he’s rightly pissed that certain schools receive just as much money as all the others (more in most cases), and still fail to teach the kids. Hiring more teachers and re-paving the parking lots at those schools won’t improve them. The guy that’s complaining that it’s an anti-black policy decision is one of the people who wants to take the money for himself and his friends on the school boards in those counties. I even live in one of those counties, and my daughter goes to school here, and I don’t want that money.

  10. syncaine says:

    You guys are failing to see the really important point: The guy used ‘slap in the face’ and expected to be taken serious. STAY FOCUSED PEOPLE! :)

  11. Swift Voyager says:

    Sorry. You’re right. I’m just a Governor fanboi.

  12. Wilhelm2451 says:

    I got your point there Syncaine, I’m just of the opinion that phrase “slap in the face” was in common use not only before the first MMO went live (be that UO or MUD1), but also before the invention of the transistor which lead to solid state computers.

    Congress should be posting something on its blog about how MMO players stole that stock phrase of over-statement from them.

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