Well I screwed something up…

While editing the CSS for this blog, I changed… something… to make the header image disappear. Anyone have any idea wtf I could have changed to do this? The only change I made was editing the sidebar color. Is this something that happens when you edit CSS for the first time, or some known wordpress problem?

edit: Checking my media/images section on wordpress, it seems the old header is now gone… The file location is still there, but no image is actually showing up. So odd…

edit2: Deleting the old header (the blank), and re-uploading the image does nothing. Under appearance -> Custom Header wordpress is still showing the correct image, but on the actual blog itself its just the default blue color.

edit3: Well got the image back, but now the tagline is stuck in gray color (although I’m ok with that). Changing that one color was totally not worth it.

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5 Responses to Well I screwed something up…

  1. Khan says:

    I’ve noticed when I made some changes to my blog a while back that some changes to my template would dislodge the header image whether the change was to the header or not. I ended up just reloading it.

    I -think- the images get stored somewhere on your site and you may be able to just rechoose it from a list of images. I think it may be under media.

  2. Khan says:

    Wow, that is odd. Glad you got it fixed though. I recall having to upload my header image a couple of times during the process of tweaking my site. Once it was finally done and saved, I stopped tinkering and said “not touching that again, ever.”

  3. syncaine says:

    Yea it seems that editing a theme is tricky stuff. Once I set it to ‘blank’ and did a copy/paste of the code, the site started responding. Finally got the widget border changed as well, to give everything a uniform white/black/gray theme, with blue just for link stuff.

  4. Dont says:

    Try changing .description { color: #6a0c0c; } to .description { color: #FFFFFF; } to fix the tagline ;)

  5. syncaine says:

    Sweet got it (not that exact code, but finding the .description section is what I needed (looked like it was a header setting to me, which is why I did not change it in the first place)

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