The lost DarkFall EuroGamer review is found!

Beau from Spouse Agro found the missing 8.5 hours of the EuroGamer review, and for great justice has posted it. For anyone looking for a good breakdown of what DarkFall is all about, especially from the perspective of someone who is not a basement-dwelling mouthbreather (that would be everyone else playing DF, in case you don’t know), check it out.

Reading his post, and also anticipating rerolling for the North American server, reminds me just how much info players DON’T know when they first enter Agon, in part because DarkFall is so different from the usual EQ clones, and also because it rough around the edges and does not always explain everything up front, kinda like EVE.

Usually not understanding something can lead to frustration (like if you did not know that at launch daggers were terrible, focusing on daggers and gimping your character would be frustrating), but that unknown is also a huge part of playing an MMO. Discovering things on your own, figuring out YOUR way of doing something, learning from mistakes; that can all be great fun if you have the right attitude. If you just have to be l33t from day one, and any minor setback sends you packing, obviously this won’t be a selling point. People get pulled into always referring to Thottbot (or whatever the WoW scum use these days) before they do anything, making sure that the shiny at the end is ‘worth the effort’. We all know the only ones discovering a raid boss are the world first players; everyone after is just following the youtube guide, which completely removes the entire ‘discovery’ aspect.

Beau also states “ironic that in a “hardcore” game, death means nothing”, which is funny because death in DF is why so many avoid it in the first place. The whole “ooh nooz, my pixels” fear. The natural reaction is “Dude, death IS hardcore, you loss all your gear!”, but that only has meaning if you care about the gear in the first place (most of us do, but clearly not all). I’m sure the concept of e-rep for not dying, or the kill/death ratio also don’t factor into Beau’s opinion of death, but for some it does. Even so, I think even Beau would agree death has more meaning than in WoW or WAR, where you simply respawn and run back into the meatgrinder. And certainly a player’s death has a bigger impact on a siege or PvP fight than in those games as well, which is after all half the point.

And while DarkFall is first and foremost a PvP MMO based around city control and guild warfare, let’s not forget that it’s not JUST that. It’s a sandbox after all, and allows you (to some degree obviously) to make of it what you will. Merchants, crafters, role-players, and PvE’ers all exist and play their part.

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8 Responses to The lost DarkFall EuroGamer review is found!

  1. fizzlebixx says:

    “or whatever the WoW scum use these days”

    get over yourself.

  2. Hirvox says:

    It’s always the recovering alcoholists that are the most annoying teetotallers. :-)

  3. coppertopper says:

    “People get pulled into always referring to Thottbot (or whatever the WoW scum use these days)”

    LMAO! Thottbot was replaced by big red circles pointing you to the quest objective in that other game you play, WAR. And Lotro now too. Big red circles, you scum!!! Go back to Lotro and WAR!!!!

  4. Beau says:

    Well, I think it means nothing NOW, but I am sure once I get something worth more than 2 pennies it’ll be scary running around with it.

    So, is it the death that’s scary, or the loss of stuff that’s scary? Give me another week, I’ll tell ya. And yeh, I think that it does matter a lot more than most games, because of the loss of stuff and corpse runs, but those other games aren’t going for that. That ain’t their bag.You are correct when you say that I don’t care, or that it doesn’t matter, how often I die or kill. I just don’t worry about that stuff. When I used to play Planetside I would try to find different little spots to sneak round in, tried to explore and find perfect lil sniper spots, but I never just ran after kills. I want to emphasize that I have nothing wrong with that stuff, but I couldn’t be more serious when I say that it just ain’t my thang. I will always suck at PvP because of this.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying it. I stumbled upon a group of SOMETHING riding mounts and snuck around ’em, hoping to at least shoot an arrow before they got me. Alas, they just rode off. Scared me a good amount, though.


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  6. pitrelli says:

    lol ‘WoW scum’ what is the next name we will be called? you must have been abused by a wow carebear or something syncaine, there is alot of hate there i tell thee

  7. syncaine says:

    Actually the line was included as a sort of ‘self test’, to see if the WoW fans would focus on one tossed in line rather than the entire point of the post. Moths to the flame.

  8. pitrelli says:

    You are just too hardcore for your own good…..

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